Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 14 compilation

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TDATS 14, another primordial concoction from the lost land of the rock dinosaurs. This one kicks off with the purplish hard prog of I Drive, a mainly english band who played and recorded in Germany. Bubble Puppy enters the frey with with some of the hardest riffing 60s psych there was, Riders Of The Mark is even older than that and while not heavy in the same sense, it has that oninous foreboding feeling that metal would use later on. Colosseum displays infectious groove that would be sampled by Fatboy Slim years later. Track 12 is the customary cover, this time sludge-punks Killdozer's 1989 cover of a James Gang classic. Canadian Neil Merryweather (also a founder of Mama Lion, on TDATS XI) finishes up with the entertaining mix of glam, metal, space rock and prog that he would make his own on his 'Space Ranger' and 'Kryptonite' albums.

01. I Drive - Down Down Down - 1972
02. Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke and Sassafras - 1969
03. Starz - Boys In Action - 1976
04. Riders Of The Mark - The Electronic Insides... - 1967
05. Colosseum - The Kettle - 1969
06. Neon Rose - Waiting For The Train - 1974
07. Asoka - Psykfoni For Ekogitarr Och Poporkester - 1971
08. Stud - Woman Like You - 1975
09. Hustler - Midnight Seducer - 1974
10. Solid Ground - Tell Me - 1976
11. Paris - Breathless - 1975
12. Killdozer - Funk #49 (James Gang cover) - 1989
13. Neil Merryweather - Sole Surviver - 1974

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 13 compilation

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TDATS13 Begins with some rock heavy prog from the Norwegian Flax, goes through the frenetic madness of Hungarians Skorpió. Track 11 is from a supergroup jam session featuring the likes of Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Paice, Tony Ashton and an as-yet unnamed singer. It finishes up with the excellent Aussie band Peeping Tom's (R.I.P.) cover of Gentle Giant and some unique jazzy grooves from the UK's Nucleus.

01. Flax - Leaving Home - 1975
02. Electric Food - Andy's Breakdown-Plantation - 1971
03. Crystal Haze - Flame - 1976
04. Skorpió - A Rohanás - 1974
05. Diamond REO - It's a Jungle Out There - 1976
06. Damnation of Adam Blessing - Nightmare - 1973
07. Crow - Heading North - 1970
08. Paternoster - Realization - 1972
09. Pinnacle - The Ripper - 1974
10. Painter - Slave Driver - 1973
11. Green Bullfrog - Who Do You Love - 1972
12. Room - No Warmth In My Life - 1970
13. Peeping Tom - Why Not (Gentle Giant cover) - 2001
14. Nucleus - Song for the Bearded Lady - 1971

Cheers, Rich

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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 12 compilation

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Look out for Attila, some great keyboard-led lunacy with none other than a young rocking Billy Joel on keys! Japanese doom crushers Church of Misery cover a Sir Lord Baltimore classic, Master Heartache. Shinki Chen of Speed, Glue and Shinki was once touted as japan's answer to Hendrix. There is an interview with Troyka guitarist Robert Edwards here at Psychedelic Baby webzine.   Enjoy.

01. Bad Axe - Blues L.A. - 1976
02. Troyka - Natural - 1970
03. Bux - If You Want Love - 1976
04. Osanna - Lady Power - 1971
05. Shinki Chen - It Was Only Yesterday - 1971
06. Nazareth - Hard Living - 1974
07. White Witch - Auntie Christy Harlow - 1972
08. Andrew - Heathens - 1973
09. Brainticket - Watchin' You - 1972
10. Attila - Wonder Woman - 1970
11. Crushed Butler - Love Fighter - 1969
12. Ellison - Unchanged World - 1971
13. Church Of Misery - Master Heartache (Sir Lord Baltimore cover) - 2009
14. Christie - Martian King - 1971


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath XI compilation

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The 11th in the TDATS series. Featuring Mama Lion's powerful female vox, Tractor's progressive doom excellence, Chook and Fanny Adams' catchy Aussie grooves and a super group featuring Mountain's Leslie West & Corky Laing, and Cream's Jack Bruce no less. We also have the wonderfully obscure B.F. Trike, and The Ghost's awesome heavy folk. The cover of the week is Trouble's version of the classic Lucifer's Friend song Ride The Sky. Another great one I think! Here's a taster of Chook:

01. Mama Lion - Mr. Invitation - 1972
02. Tractor - All Ends Up - 1972
03. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - St. Anthony - 1972
04. Moloch - Mona - 1972
05. B.F. Trike - Time & Changes Six O Clock Sleeper - 1971
06. West, Bruce & Laing - Love Is Worth The Blues - 1972
07. Fanny Adams - Mid Morning Madness - 1971
08. Chook - Cold Feet - 1971
09. I Teoremi - Passi Da Gigante - 1972
10. Pan - If - 1970
11. Heavy Cruiser - Wonder Wheel - 1972
12. Babe Ruth - Wells Fargo - 1973
13. Trouble - Ride The Sky (Lucifer’s Friend cover) - 2006
14. The Ghost - Too Late To Cry - 1970

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath X: Lonesome Tree

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This one starts with gloriously groovy barn-stomer 'Lonesome Tree' from Rotterdam's Machine (tying in quite nicely with the cover art - which I only realised after) and then on to Youngstown, OH's Left End with their funky and aggressively-vocalled 'It's Over'.

Epitaph were a krautrock band that had a southern-rock sound. There is an interview with guitarist Cliff Jackson here at Psychedelic Baby webzine. New York's Valhalla enters the frey with some welcome hard-hammond heaviosity & there's an interview with guitarist Don Krantz here. Hannova's Jane are up next with some more excellent krautrock and Jukin' Bone, from Syracuse NY, step it up with 'See See Rider's bone-rattling boogie riffs. We move on to Norway for Titanic's sabbath-grinding sludge and then on to Massachusetts' amusingly-named Fat, who kick in with an appropriately 'fat' blues riff. (link) "Back in the '70s  Fat  was one of the most popular rock bands here in the Pioneer Valley, rivaled only in popularity by local notables Clean Living.

The band was formed in 1968 and the original lineup consisted of Guy DeVito on bass, Peter Newland on vocals, Bill "Benjie" Benjamin on drums, and Michael Benson, Jim Kaminski and Christopher Newland on guitar. Fat released its self-titled debut in 1970 on the RCA label and then went on to record an album for Atlantic Records before forming their own label.

"We were innovators in terms of indies," says bassist DeVito. "Our label, Dream Merchant Records, was probably one of the first independent labels."

The band toured for twelve straight years and went through various lineup changes before formally calling it quits in 1980.

Fat tries to hold yearly reunion concerts and last year set an attendance record of 5,000 when the group appeared in Springfield as part of the City Block series. It looked like there wasn't going to be a show in 2004, but at the last minute they pulled it together and are scheduled to give a special reunion performance at the Rt. 63 Roadhouse in Millers Falls on Sunday, June 13.

Guitarist Chris Newland is back from England, so group members wanted to get together to do a concert for their many fans in this area and figured that the Rt. 63 Roadhouse would be the perfect place. This show will feature four of the original players: DeVito, the Newland brothers and Benjamin.

"When I spoke by phone with my dear friend (and Fat guitarist) Christopher Newland in England," DeVito explains, "I learned that he would be visiting family stateside for a few days. His brother Peter is our frontman/vocalist and recently moved back to the area after living for many years in Nashville. Having 3/5 of the band in one place on the planet, myself included, I then called the Roadhouse to see if they would host an impromptu Fat show."

The folks at the Roadhouse were more than happy to host such an event and have scheduled a special barbeque for the occasion to begin at 4 p.m. Concert-goers will have a chance to attend a "meet and greet the band" session at this time. They will also be able to enjoy the barbeque, horseshoes, bocce ball, and croquet out on the beautiful lawn. The Roadhouse will have a special outdoor liquor license for the day. Come enjoy the fun. Tickets are $7 (which includes the barbeque) and are available in advance at the Rt. 63 Roadhouse or at the door."

Bienne's After Shave, another band with a hint of southern-rock, treat us to some Swiss chugg-a-lugga and California's Wildfire realeased the album Smokin' as a private-press in 1970, it has been unearthed and given the re-issue treatment by Rockadrome. Wizard, from Tampa, Florida, recorded one album in 1971 with an almost english NWOBHM feel, which comes across in Killing Time's stately intro.

In what seems to be becoming a regular addition, is some quality Italian wah madness, this time from Garybaldi. The comp ends on Aunt Mary's frantically ominous norwegian hard-prog and another contemporary cover from one of my favourite stoner bands, Sons of Otis' sludge-tastic take on Mountain's 'Mississippi Queen'.

01. Machine - Lonesome Tree (1970)
       from album 'machine'
02. Left End - It's Over (1974)
       from album 'spolied rotten'
03. Epitaph - Moving To The Country (1971)
       from album 'epitaph'
04. Valhalla - Hard Times (1969)
       from album 'valhalla'
05. Jane - Here We Are (1973)
       from album 'here we are'
06. Jukin' Bone - See See Rider (1970)
       from album 'way down east'
07. Titanic - Something On My Mind (1970)
       from album 'titanic'
08. Fat - Country Girl (1970)
       from album 'fat'
09. After Shave - Near The Sun (1972)
       from album 'skin deep'
10. Wildfire - Stars in The Sky (1970)
       from album 'smokin'
11. Wizard - Killing Time (1971)
       from album 'the original wizard'
12. Garybaldi - Maya Desnuda (1972)
       from album 'nuda'
13. Aunt Mary - Path Of Your Dream (1973)
       from album 'janus'
14. Sons Of Otis - Mississippi Queen [Mountain cover] (1999)
       from album 'templeball'

Cheers, Rich.

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