Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 27: Psych Tentacles [heavy psych pt.1]

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Volume 27 of TDATS: Psych Tentacles, features 60's heavy psych, pure fuzz and wah worship! The Amboy Dukes were the starting point for Ted Nugent, and Art were the original version of a band you may know better, Spooky Tooth. The Bluestars were an NZ band with a cool 60s punk snarl, similar to The Who. The Attack had a revolving line-up and at various times featured musicians who would go on to The Nice, Atomic Rooster, Andromeda and The Marmalade. Mind Garage are touted as one of the first "Christian Rock" bands, not that you'd notice anything very religious in their sludgy sound and offers of clothes-tearing here! The Bonniwell Music Machine (aka The Music Machine) had some chart  success in the US, as did The Sparkles, who were produced by Roy Orbison's drummer, Larry Parks. There is an interview with The Open Mind's bassist Timothy Du Feu here at Psychedelic Baby webzine.

01. Giant Crab - Hot Line Conversation (1968)
02. The Glass Sun - Silence of the Morning (1968)
03. The Attack - Mr Pinnodomy's Dilemma (1967)
04. The Amboy Dukes - Flight of the Byrd (1968)
05. Art - Room With a View (1967)
06. High Tide - Death Warmed Up (1969)
07. The Bluestars - Social End Product (1966)
08. Bulldog Breed - When The Sun Stands Still (1969)
09. The Bonniwell Music Machine - You'll Love Me Again (1967)
10. The Open Mind - Magic Potion (1969)
11. Eden's Children - If She's Right (1968)
12. The Sparkles - No Friend of Mine (1967)
13. Heavy Balloon - Barnyard Blues (1969)
14. Brain Police - World of Wax (1968)
15. Mind Garage - Asphalt Mother (1967)
16. Damnation of Adam Blessing - Cookbook (1969)
17. Vox - Wah Wah ad (1966)

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  1. Nice, it's finally here! I'll crack into this soon, looks good, man! And cool choice of artwork as usual.

  2. Cheers Zisch, there's a few there you'll know like Adam Blessing, High Tide, Amboy Dukes, but some really good ones you won't, I think you'll like Giant Crab, and The Glass Sun is another stunner. That Open Mind track is one you've used recently, I already had it lined up for this. You may not hear much from me for a couple weeks, I'm off to Ontario and Portland on holiday, am going to do the Algonquin provincial park 'Highland Trail', 3.5 days living out of my back pack.

  3. † Electric Sabbath †August 19, 2010 at 2:18 AM

    Amazing compilation dude! a lot of heavy/progressive bands let's try with a little pcp lol greetings

  4. Thanks again man...this is great stuff!

    Beers on me if you mean Portland Oregon!


  5. Greetings from down under, just discovered your blog. Superb stuff, especially enjoyed the Aust/ NZ compilation. Looking forward to volume 2!!

  6. great choice of tracks :) the attack, the amboy dukes, the sparkles and ming garage are just few that were included in the nuggets collection, too. peace

  7. hi rick:) just lookin for infos on high tide, cause i love this track "death warmed up"! so i clicked on high tide in the bandbanner u lined up on the right, but this track doesnt come, only the two others on doom 1 and zischkales comp. ... just tell me, if u dont like this kind of message and throw it in the bin;)

    1. Hi lovespam. there is lots of info about High Tide on the web, try wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Tide_(band) Cheers, Rich.

  8. just saw your latest mix (dusty track), with the big brother ernie joseph version of "st. james infirmary" and found this one, with the giant crab track leading it off. both those bands were based around the three orosco brothers, who are still playing for a living, in the santa barbara area, as the brian faith band. and both the giant crab albums have been reissued on cd in the past year. good time to be a fan. nice mixes, thanks! - wylie prybar