Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Day After The Sabbath 40: King Richard the Second [UK pt.1]

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TDATS 40 is a collection of music from ye olde England. It begins with a track from The Way We Live. This duo recorded one LP under this name before changing to Tractor, who some of you may know from the excellent track 'All Ends Up' on TTTDF vol 5. There is an interview with Tractor/TWWL members guitarist/vocalist Jim Milne, percussionist Steve Clayton, bassist Dave Addison and band manager Chris Hewitt here at Psychedelic Baby webzine. Ugly Custard appear to be one of those rock exploitation bands that were brought together to record a bunch of covers and standards in the popular sound of the time, their version of traditional folk song Scarboro' Fair offers a great variety of sounds and really is a little epic in itself. Slowbone were a band doing the rounds in the east end of London around the early seventies. It is alleged that young soon-to-be members of NWOBHM icons Iron Maiden were fans. You can certainly detect a hint of the trademark Iron Maiden gallop here so who knows?

T2, first appearing on Vol 2, have a track taken from a bootleg that is often named 'Fantasy', touted as their 2nd album that never saw the light of day, it is probably just a collection of outtakes, but showing the band's brilliance, T2 outtakes are more than worthy! The Norman Haines Band features the ex-singer/keyboardist of a late 60's band some of you may know, Locomotive, he had a cool wah'd up hammond sound. July offer us some funky drumming in their lump of heavy psych from 1968 and Ace Kefford Stand have some history. Ace Kefford was a founding member of influential psych band The Move, and this short-lived band also features the drumming talents of Cozy Powell, making another appearance after Vol 38.

The intriguing story of Universe is that the little-known band were driving through Norway and after breaking down were offered assistance by a gent living near-by who happened to have a recording studio in his house. True or not their single album is a great slice of blue-collar rock and the comp ends on another contemporary stoner rock band's cover, this time California's Earthless and their excellent rendition of The Groundhogs.

01. The Way We Live - King Dick II (1971)
02. Ugly Custard - Scarboro' Fair (1971)
03. Red Dirt - Brain Worker (1970)
04. Slowbone - The Last Goodbye / Tales of a Crooked Man (1973)
05. The Dog That Bit People - The Monkey and the Sailor (1971)
06. T2 - Highway (1970)
07. The Norman Haines Band - When I Come Down (1971)
08. Camelot - Time Around Me (1972)
09. July - The Way (1968)
10. Bare Soul - Flash (1972)
11. Ace Kefford Stand - Gravy Booby Jamm (1969)
12. Universe - The Annexe (1971)
13. Earthless - Cherry Red [Groundhogs cover] (2007)


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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Day After The Sabbath 39: Bandera Inmortal [Spain pt.1]

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TDATS 39 is a collection of music from Spain. [EDIT since this was made, a second Spanish volume is now here: see Vol 123]

After the Spanish Civil War, during the fifty-year dictatorship of Franco, everything pertaining to regional culture was banned. Languages, literature, and music were burned and berated. Musicians before 1975 suffered many difficulties as a result. The kind of material I generally look for was especially rare in the early 70's, just at the time when most of the world was enjoying it's peaks.

Firstly I must thank Mara at for some excellent recommendations that have really helped this volume. It starts with Tapiman who, along with The Storm, Lone Star and Leño, were among the more professional sounding bands to draw influence from big, brash hard rock names like Zeppelin and Purple. Lone Star's track is taken from a period TV appearance so apologies for the sound but the enthusiastic performance makes up for it. Agamenon and Cerebrum offer great slabs of growling psych while Union Pacific, Tarántula, Lisker and Ñu offer driving hard prog. Ciclón and Época are both rare examples of unfortunately short-lived bands that counted Sabbath as influences and only had a few single releases. Evolution were a band established in the 60's who cottoned on to the progressions at the turn of the decade and began recording some reverential covers like this King Crimson track. Eduardo Bort offers an unusual mix of spacey folk with bouts of Hendrix-style guitar and is only now gathering respect as one of Spain's most unique acts. The comp ends on a departure from the heaviness with Triana, renowned as the country's premiere exponent of the 'flamenco prog' sound.

01. Tapiman - No Control (1971)
02. Agamenon - Todos Rien De Mi (1975)
03. Union Pacific - A Tu Marcha (1978)
04. Época - No Estoy Bien (1971)
05. Tarántula - Es Demasiado (1978)
06. The Storm - Experiencia sin Organo (1974)
07. Cerebrum - Time's Door (1970)
08. Eduardo Bort - Thoughts 'Pensamientos' [2 Parte] (1974)
09. Lisker - Kalean Festa (1979)
10. Ñu - Que Nadie Escape de la Evolución (1976)
11. Lone Star - Adelante [TV performance] (1974)
12. Evolution - 21st Century Schizoid Man [King Crimson cover] (1970)
13. Leño - Sodoma y Chabola (1979)
14. Ciclón - Mr. Mague (1978)
15. Triana - En El Lago (1975)

Música feliz!

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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Day After The Sabbath 38: Steam Roller

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TDATS 38 kicks off with Stonewall, an NYC band with just one s/t album, this track is perfect for an opening track, it's got one of those huge rolling riffs that sounds instantly familiar, like it's been woven in the fabric of the universe for ever. Next up is guitar/drums two-piece Captain Foam, from Ohio. It's from a 45 that is reportedly from 1968. It has a wall of sound thing going on and if you search pictures you will see they embodied this with their wall of amps on stage.

Sweet (or The Sweet) are a well-known band due to some of their pop-rock hit singles but I include them here as I have been reading their popular sound was imposed on them by record label pressure while the band themselves played heavy live and preferred it that way, as you can tell from some of the lesser-known tracks buried away in their LPs. Clear Light were a one-album west coast psych band that created a doomy atmosphere in this track from 1967.  Cozy Powell will be known to most of you as part-time drummer of many huge bands like Sabbath and Rainbow. He has a small body of solo work and this "Dance With the Devil" B-side is a great little jam with a compact drum solo.

I have used another contemporary cover here, this time from Italian stoner doom titans Ufomammut, doing Blue Cheer proud. In my recent research for a South American volume I came across "Miguel Abuelo & Nada" and am quite stunned at the quality and scope of vision of the Argentinean ensemble, that recorded this work in France. Larry Coryell offers up a little jazz-psych song with a great guitar workout toward the end and the comp ends on two tracks from accomplished artists. Johnny Winter showing his infectious guitar riffery and Wishbone Ash their embryonic form of prog metal on 'The Pilgrim'.

01. Stonewall - Outer Spaced (1976)
02. Captain Foam - No Reason (1968)
03. Sweet - Cockroach (1976)
04. Clear Light - Street Singer (1967)
05. Blues Image - Pay My Dues (1970)
06. Cozy Powell - And Then There Was Skin (1973)
07. CWT - Steam Roller (1973)
08. Ufomammut - Peace Of Mind [Blue Cheer cover] (2000)
09. Damnation Of Adam Blessing - Driver (1970)
10. Miguel Abuelo & Nada - Tirando Piedras Al Rio (1973)
11. Larry Coryell - Sex (1969)
12. Johnny Winter - Guess I'll Go Away (1971)
13. Wishbone Ash - The Pilgrim (1971)


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