Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Day After The Sabbath 51: Return To Sanity

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TDATS 51 is an un-themed collection of great tracks, some more and some less known among obscure rock aficionados. Edge kicks things off with a perfect opener, a great bluesy hard rocker with a catchy riff. They have a west-coast background, drummer/singer David Novogroski having been with Boston Tea Party previously. Indian Summer were a Coventry, UK band who made one accomplished album of hard prog in 1971, featuring great keyboard work. Managed by Jim Simpson, who also looked after Black Sabbath and Bakerloo, their album was produced by Rodger Bain, who was responsible for Sabbath's debut album.

Indiana's Magi are next with a great track "Fryin' Away Time". They made a solid album in 1976 called 'Win or Lose' but soon disappeared. Clear Blue Sky's single album, on Vertigo records, is noted for it's Roger Dean cover art and for having a track called Sweat Leaf, allegedly inspiring Sabbath's song title. Mutzie, Led by singer/guitarist E."Mutzie" Lavenburg were a Detroit psychedelic outfit, also including brothers Barry on bass and Andee on keyboards, and a horn section. Their sole LP Light of Your Shadow appeared in 1970. Gary Wright was the one-time keyboarist for Spooky Tooth and he created some solo works of more commercially-aimed rock. The Andromeda track is taken from their 1969 album and the intro is very metal! They featured John Du Cann on guitar, later of Atomic Rooster and Hard Stuff, who has unfortunately just passed away at the time of writing this.

Le Goths were a short-lived rare example of French heavy psych, and The Edgar Broughton Band deserves it's first use on my comps. Probably known to a lot of you already, they were involved in many a 70's rock family tree are still playing occasionally, noted for Rob 'Edgar' Broughton's awesome gritty vocals. Petalouda were an incredibly obscure Greek band, I have not been able to find out much about them but this track is some of the best psych I've ever heard, with an exotic Greek flavour and a delectable drum break at 3:10. They remind me a little of Agamenon, a band I used on the Spanish comp #39.

Ohio's Poobah are up next. Another blogger's favourite, they featured the blazing lead talents of guitarist Jim 'Poobah' Gustafson but struggled through the 70's making three self-released records between 72-79. The comp ends on Arcadium's "It Takes A Woman", a UK based late 60s psych band that had one album of skillful and emotively-sung music.

Track List:

01. Edge - Lady Of Darkness (1970)
02. Indian Summer - Black Sunshine (1971)
03. Magi - Fryin' Away Time (1976)
04. Clear Blue Sky - My Heaven (1970)
05. Mutzie - The Game (1970)
06. Gary Wright - Whether It's Right Or Wrong (1972)
07. Andromeda - Return To Sanity [Alt. mix] (1969)
08. Les Goths - Turn Over (1968)
09. Edgar Broughton Band - Love Gang (1976)
10. Petalouda - What You Can Do In Your Life (1973)
11. Poobah - Mr. Destroyer (1972)
12. Arcadium - It Takes A Woman (1969)

Thanks for listening! Rich

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Day After The Sabbath 50: Dubia Excrementis Bovis

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For the milestone of 50 (!) volumes I realized that I should do something a little different, so I finished off an idea that has been brewing for a while. This may well kick up some controversy with people out there, especially those who hold any of these bands dear. It's a collection of songs that in my humble opinion, may not be quite what they are purported to be. I will not go into too much detail, but suffice to say, some do not sound as old as they are alleged to be. Some of them sound like they were not recorded on equipment of the age, or some of them sound just that little bit too knowingly heavy for the time, Combine this with a lack of substantiated evidence to the contrary and we have some mysteries indeed. So, not wanting to cast a negative impression over the comp, the other common link between them is that they are all cool tracks, enjoy!

We start with a heavy as hell track which has come to light quite recently on the internet, a single by "Stone Axe" who reportedly were Ex Josefus (see vol #38) members Pete Bailey and Ray Turner. Next we have Heavy Goods Vehicle, I repeatedly read sketchy information about these rough recordings on forums etc as "the heaviest underground recordings ever" and after finally tracking them down, I found them quite underwhelming, but this Gun cover is good fun and relevant to the blog. Next up is two tracks from Lucifer Was. The strangeness here is that they clearly don't sound like they were recorded with 70's equipment. The story goes that they have been improved and had some re-recording done in recent times, but it still leaves you wondering how much of it originates in any way from the early 70s, if any? 

Next up is a song that a Facebook friend recommended, Tsee Muds, it's on youtube with an interesting looped video clip of them playing an apparently huge late 60s rock fest in Venezuela. I love the song, but were 'Tsee Muds' a real band, is that clip really them?? Who knows. Next up is Golem, who were allegedly a UK electro-prog act recording in 1973, this does not sound like it was recorded in 1973. Next up is Dietro Noi Deserto. This act has an interesting story. It is allegedly another name that the artist known as 'Jacula' and 'Antonius Rex' used, actual name Antonio Bartoccetti. Now I think the gothic keyboard stuff of those two former acts sounds way to digital to have been recorded on equipment of the 60s/early 70s as stated. The Dietro Noi Deserto stuff on the other hand is in my opinion much better musically, and also sounds of it's time, so where is the truth here??

The Supernaut demo was recorded in 1974, and contains a few long instrumental jams that are obviously Sabbath inspired, but again there is little information to substantiate the recording dates and The Hooterville Trolley is another example of a track that plainly was not recorded in the advertised year of 1967. Next We have two tracks side by side, connected by the artist Martin Weaver. I have no doubts that he and Wicked Lady were musicians in the late 60's and early 70's, but something does not sound right to me when I try to believe the earliest Wicked Lady stuff was recorded in 1969. This great Mind Doctors track also sounds a little to clean and digital for a minor recording budget in 1976, maybe Pink Floyd could have done it then, but Mind Doctors? To end the comp we have two great tracks from Vulcan and Punch. The super-heavy bedroom psych Vulcan have an album available online called 'Meet Your Ghost' and Punch have one alleged single release in 1970, of which Deathhead is the B-side.

01. Stone Axe - Slave of Fear (1971)
02. Lucifer Was - Teddy's Sorrow / Scrubby maid (1971)
03. Heavy Goods Vehicle - Race With The Devil [Gun cover] (1976)
04. Tsee Muds - Concha Acustica Parque del Este (1969)
05. Golem - Godhead Dance (1973)
06. Dietro Noi Deserto - Dentro Me (1971)
07. Supernaut - Keeper Of The Keys (1974)
08. The Hooterville Trolley - No Silver Bird (1967)
09. Mind Doctors - Rising Sun (1976)
10. Wicked Lady - Why Don't You Let Me Try Your P.C.P (1972)
11. Vulcan - Noname (1978)
12. Punch - Deathhead (1970)

Thanks for listening! Rich

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