Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vol 63 update: improved Mushroom

I have been kindly provided with a far superior sounding rip of the magnificent Mushroom track used on the Dutch Vol63,  I've added it to the main download, I have also made the single track available here if you don't want to download the entire comp again.

The second and final Dutch roadburn comp, vol 64, will be up in the next few days, those of you hankering for some more windmill-propelled doom, go get volume 35 if you haven't already, my first Dutch comp. Rich


  1. Rich, I don't know under what rock I lived al the time, but I discovered your Blog recently (shame on me) but it's awesome, realy love your effort you puttin' in it, learning me all those obscure stuff with the propper backgrounds, thx for this , realy enjoy it a lot

    1. No problem Ron, i hope you like the future ones I have planed too!