Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Electric Lounge of Aural Ecstasy presents A Tribute Vol. 1

download from [mf] or [mg]
password:  tdats
On Saturday 25th of August 2012, Scott Sroka (aka DJ Cheesus) dedicated his entire 'Electric Lounge of Aural Ecstasy' show on Core of Destruction Radio to a 3 hour Day After The Sabbath tribute.

Scott, currently living in São Paulo, Brazil, has been presenting on Core of Destruction for the past year. He was a contributor to the excellent stoner rock community blog 'Sludge Swamp', that sadly closed its doors a year or so ago. Sludge Swamp helped me out in making a name for TDATS back when I started doing this, and also hosted demos for a few of the New Zealand bands that are joined up on the forum I started up when I was over there:

For the show he chose at random one track from each of the first 39 volumes and played them all along with cool commentary, after having made a great job on some extra research with assistance from co-host Stargazer. He plans to do another part soon. Here is the show to download from [mf] or [mg].


First Hour:
01. Sir Lord Baltimore - Helium Head
02. Moxy - Can't You See I'm A Star?
03. Blackwater Park - Rock Song
04. Speed, Glue & Shinki - Stoned Out Of My Mind
05. Orang-Utan - Chocolate Piano
06. Master's Apprentices - Death Of A King
07. Killing Floor - Out Of Uranus
08. May Blitz - For Mad Men Only
09. Southern Cross - Harris Street
10. Titanic - Something On My Mind

Second Hour:
11. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - St. Anthony
12. Nazareth - Hard Living
13. Crystal Haze - Flame
14. Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke and Sassafras
15. The 31 Flavors - Distortions Of Darkness
16. Head Over Heels - Right Away
17. Fifty Foot Hose - Red The Sign Post
18. Death - Rock-N-Roll Victim
19. Orange Peel - Faces That I Used to Know
20. Días De Blues - No Podrán Conmigo
21. Bakery - No Dying In The Dark
22. Peacepipe - The Sun Won't Shine Forever
23. Pat Travers - Makes No Difference
24. Hillary Blaze - Opening
25. Forever More - Promisses of Spring
26. Oda - Gabriel

Third Hour:
27. Eden's Children - If She's Right
28. Rhapsody - Strange Vibrations
29. Clown On A Rope - Fresh Blueberry Pancake
30. The Osmonds - Gotta Get Love
31. The Viola Crayola - I Know You Don't Have A Car
32. Socrates Drank The Conium - Who Is To Blame?
33. Novak's Kapelle - Hypodermic Needle / Smile Please
34. Farmyard - All In Your Head
35. Shocking Blue - Long and Lonesome Road
36. Nokemono - From The Black World
37. Tritons - Drifter
38. Johnny Winter - Guess I'll Go Away
39. The Storm - Experiencia sin Organo

Scott's 'Electric Lounge of Aural Ecstasy' show is on Core of Destruction every Saturday 3 pm CST (us)/ 4 pm EST (us) / 9pm GMT / 10pm CET.

Many thanks to Scott and I look forward to the next part!

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  1. I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much i sincerely appreciate your efforts, your insights and your musical offerings. I know it is hard work, most often thankless, and is sometimes like banging your head against the wall but hopefully knowing that at least you are making a qualitive difference in my life as well the lives of others will make this historic work sing for you too. take care fellow traveller.

    1. Thankyou very much Ruben, I'm glad you understand what I am doing.

  2. just want to say the same as dresden , thank you and greetings from Belgium

  3. Love what you're doing here. That said, it's grammar Nazi time:

    1. thanks for the spelling tip anonymouse

  4. tdats is not working to unlock with mediafire. Any tips?

    1. I will investigate, watch this space.

    2. There is no password on these ones :)

    3. I tried it twice and still asks for password with mediafire, tdats wont unlock. sorry to bother.

    4. im trying in the US, if that makes a difference.

    5. I am re-testing both of The Electric Lounge of Aural Ecstasy presents A Tribute Volumes, 1 and 2. Which one are you having the problem with?

    6. Hi there, I just tested volume 1 again from media fire, it does not require a password, even if your unzip program asks for one, don't put one in. I have had no problem unzipping it with many different unzip programs. Rich

  5. Hey Rich Love the work you are doing here, this download link on mediafire no longer works

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I just fixed it.