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The Electric Lounge of Aural Ecstasy - Flute Players Are Hot!

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On Saturday 9th of March 2012, Scott Sroka (aka DJ Cheesus) and co-host Star Gazer dedicated an 'Electric Lounge of Aural Ecstasy' show on Core of Destruction Radio to rock music involving the flute. During the show he interviewed flautist Ian Andeson from Jethro Tull, and played only cool 70s tracks with lots of rocking flute. Included among his picks were all the tracks I used on a previous TDATS comp: Vol78: I Was Only Dreaming. As usual, he and Star Gazer have shed some more light on them, like the fact the Fashion Pink's "I'm a Man" is a cover of a Stevie Winwood/Spencer Davis Group classic. In this download I have included the entire show, in three parts. The third part is the Ian Anderson interview spot, during which Scott also played some Anderson/Tull classics and newies. Ian gives a great interview about all things Tull, along with news of his current world tour.

Star Gazer, Scott & and
one of their pesky groupies... 
Scott, currently living in São Paulo, Brazil, has been presenting on Core of Destruction for over a year. He was a contributor to the excellent stoner rock community blog 'Sludge Swamp', that sadly closed its doors a while ago. Sludge Swamp helped me out in making a name for TDATS back when I started doing this, and also hosted demos for a few of the New Zealand bands that are joined up on the forum I started up when I was over there:

Scott broadcasts his show on a weekly basis, full details of which can be found here. He covers all eras of rock and metal with a different theme each week. He also maintains his own blog where he posts all his previous shows as podcasts, and has a Facebook group here.

The next TDATS comp is well under way, and will be another Dutch-flavoured set with a few surprises, including a couple of interviews with current bands that keep the torch burning for the sounds we love...

Thanks for listening, and thanks Scott!

Part 1
Osanna - Introduzione
Gravy Train - Can Anybody Hear Me?
Genesis - Get 'em Out By Friday
The California Earthquake - Friday: 3 P.M.
The Purple Soul Brothers - Zero O'Clock
Hubert Laws - Let Her Go
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Ain't No Sunshine
Traffic - Rainmaker
Shag - Gypsies In The Forest
Jade Warrior - A Prenormal Day at Brighton
The Moody Blues - Don't You Feel Small
Camel - Song Within A Song
The Hunt - I Was Only Dreaming
Heat Exchange - Reminiscence
Herbie Mann (w/Duane Allman) - Man's Hope
Fashion Pink - I'm a Man
Quintessence - Notting Hill Gate

Part 2
Goliath - Maajun (A Taste Of Tangier)
Rufus Zuphall - Prickel Pit
Gong - Flute Salad
Gong - Oily Way
Gryphon - Estampie
Tako - Minijatura
Progresiv TM - Rusinea Soarelui
Tomorrow's Gift - Tenakel Gnag
Dug Dug's - Smog [english version]
Janko Nilović - Drug Song
Plum Nelly - The Demon
De De Lind - Fuga e Morte
Steel Mill - A Forgotten Future/a Future Past
Railroad Gin - The End
Leo Wright - The Wiggler *Bonus Track

Part 3 - Local Spotlight with Ian Anderson
Thick As A Brick (Madison Square Garden 1978) - Jethro Tull
Old School Song - Ian Anderson
A Change Of Horses - Ian Anderson
Adrift And Dumbfounded - Ian Anderson
Last Train to San Fernando - Johnny Duncan & Bluegrass Boys *Local Spotlight Only Exclusive
What-Ifs, Maybes And Might-Have-Beens - Ian Anderson

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