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The Electric Lounge of Aural Ecstasy presents A Tribute Vol. 2

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On Saturday 15th of September 2012, Scott Sroka (aka DJ Cheesus) dedicated another 'Electric Lounge of Aural Ecstasy' show on Core of Destruction Radio to a 3 hour Day After The Sabbath tribute, having transmitted his first tribute (to the first 39 volumes) on the 25th August, which I posted here.

Scott, currently living in São Paulo, Brazil, has been presenting on Core of Destruction for over a year. He was a contributor to the excellent stoner rock community blog 'Sludge Swamp', that sadly closed its doors a while ago. Sludge Swamp helped me out in making a name for TDATS back when I started doing this, and also hosted demos for a few of the New Zealand bands that are joined up on the forum I started up when I was over there: www.stonerdoom.co.nz.

For this second show he chose at random one track from each of the volumes between 40 and 75, and played them all along with cool commentary, after having made a great job on some extra research with assistance from co-host Stargazer. Here it is in three 1 hour parts: download from [mf] or [mg].

First Hour:
01. Charlie & Esdor - Fuck The Cops
02. The Dog That Bit People - The Monkey and the Sailor
03. Modrý Efekt & Radim Hladík - Armageddon
04. Coloured Balls - Heavy Metal Kid
05. Módulo 1000 - Nao Fale Com Paredes
06. Oz Knozz - Peanut Butter Yoni
07. Francois Wertheimer - L'automne
08. Three Man Army - Polecat Woman
09. The Funkees - Breakthrough
10. October Cherries - Are You Ready
11. Birtha - Free Spirit
12. Wicked Lady - Why Don't You Let Me Try Your P.C.P
13. Andromeda - Return To Sanity [Alt. mix]

Second Hour:
14. The Soul Bros. Inc. - Girl In The Hot Pants
15. Three Dog Night - Fire Eater
16. Band Of Light - The Cat
17. Goodthunder - Barking At The Ants
18. Love Sculpture - Nobody's Talking
19. The Twilighters - Nothing Can Bring Me Down
20. Sex - Had To Rape Her
21. Pugsley Munion - Take My Soul
22. Blood, Sweat & Tears - Go Down Gamblin'
23. Esperanto - On Down The Road
24. Nautilus - 20,000 Miles Under The Sea
25. Incredible Hog - Tadpole

Third Hour:
26. Sandy Coast - Shipwreck
27. Swampgas - Eulogy
28. Stepson - Suffer
29. White Boy & the Average Rat Band - Leaving Tonight On Vacation
30. Neil Merryweather - Road To Hades / Escape
31. Eden Rose - On The Way to Eden
32. Message - Smile
33. 6 Feet Under - What Would You Do?
34. System - While Nixon Plays The Piano
35. The Trip - Caronte [Part 1]
36. Frijid Pink - End Of The Line

Scott's 'Electric Lounge of Aural Ecstasy' show is on Core of Destruction every Saturday 12 pm PST / 2 pm CST (us)/ 3 pm EST (us) / 8pm GMT / 9pm CET. Here is a blog where you can download all of his previous shows: http://theelectriclounge.blogspot.co.uk

Many thanks to Scott and I look forward to the third part! The next TDATS is coming very soon and will be a Brazilian special....
Stay tuned....Rich.

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