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TDATS 138: Get Out Of My Life, Woman [Covers Special #2]

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Better late than never! Yes this blog is not dead, it's just been on a break, and will be back with more frequency if time allows in the foreseeable future. I'm pretty sure I can, and would like, to reach 200 volumes one day. Thanks to all those that have continued to show interest in it and especially thanks to you guys who have continued to mod and join-in on the facebook group.

This volume has been in gestation for a while, just as the similarly-themed Vol.105 - Goin' Down (link) was, and like that one, this is a bit of fun going through a number of covers of a stone cold classic song. In this case it's Get Out Of My Life Woman.


01. Ginger Ale (1970)
       single and "Cosmarama 20 Top ProgPsych Behemoths"
02. Made in Sweden (1970)
       from LP "Live! at the Golden Circle"
03. Ant Trip Ceremony (1968)
       from LP "24 Hours"
04. The Five D (1967)
       single and "Ottawa Rocks, The Sir John A. Years"
05. Heather Black (1978)
       from "Heather Black Live"
06. The Love Exchange (1968)
       from LP "The Love Exchange"
07. Mountain (1974) [Live]
       from "King Biscuit Flower Hour"
08. The Blackburds [Instrumental] (1967)
       from EP "Play The Bugaloo"
09. The Conqueroo (1968)
       from LP "The Vulcan Gas Company"
10. Q65 (1966)
       from LP "Revolution"
11. Spirit [Live] (1972)
       from "The Original Potato Land"
12. South 40 (1968)
       from "Live At Someplace Else"
13. Mighty Joe Drake (1969)
14. The Roadrunners (1970)
       single and from "How Is the Air Up There?"
15. The Lost Souls

This song was written by New Oeleans' writer/producer Allen Toussaint, and first released on record by Lee Dorsey in 1966. Like "Going Down", it was covered countless times by famous and obscure artists alike, and it's such a great song that it can fit any style from blues to funk to hard rock/psych or anything's just one of those timeless compositions that grabs you from the first bar. (How many bars have you heard this in?)

Ant Trip Ceremony - 24 Hours
Opening is Ginger Ale from Amsterdam, who made a bunch of funky singles (this is no exception) and had lots of connections to other bands such the Dean Alan Set. Made In Sweden was a prog/jazz/blues supergroup from Stockholm who made five LPs. Their live rendition of this song is some blistering bluesrock that really shows off some instrumental skill!

Ohio's Ant Trip Ceremony will be familiar to obscure psych fans already, their 1968 LP "24 Hours" is has gained notoriety, largely due to it's rarity and mind-melting cover art. Ottowa's The Five D has been comped in a few Canadian collections and made a few singles in the late sixties. They stand out in this collection by taking a less typical direction with this great driving acoustic pop version.

Track 5 is live from what appears to be a Southern Rock band called Heather Black. Details are a little unclear and info on Discogs may be incorrect, but if they are, this band made a self-titled studio LP in 1970, and a double live album was issued multiple times in 1970, 1972 and 1978 (some of which possible bootlegs?) on "American Playboy Records" (link). In this song DJ Buddy King is thanked, who a bit of googling indicates may have been of Louisiana's KVOL (link).

The Blackburds
LA's flower power The Love Exchange made one LP in 1968 and had a hit with single "Swallow the Sun". This may be the lightest track on here but it's the only one with a female lead so it's something a bit different, one of those times a girl sings lyrics written from a man's perspective without altering them.

France's The Blackburds appear to have played with pop star Johnny Hallyday, and they made an EP in 1967 called "Play the Bugaloo" which this groovy instrumental is taken from. Austin TX's The Conqueroo played at The Vulcan venue alongside names such as Thirteenth Floor Elevators and Johnny Winter (link). A live record was posthumously released some time later, called  "From The Vulcan Gas Company".

Randy California
The Hague's Q65 are a Dutch rock classic and have been on the blog before, this track is from their "Revolution" LP, with their usual swagger. The brilliant Spirit are famous and have been on here before too of course. This live track may have been originally recorded when guitarist Randy California was performing his own stuff but it has since been consolidated on "The Original Potato Land", a 'lost' Spirit LP. This is most definitely the sound that contemporary stoner rock bands such as Kyuss were channelling, that guitar sound!

South 40's rendition here is fast and cool, with a bit of keyboard action. The main reason for its inclusion is that South 40 was the original name of Minneapolis brass rockers Crow, who legendarily wrote Evil Woman, which Black Sabbath made their own soon after! This is from South 40's 1968 album "Live At Someplace Else".

The closing three tracks are all from obscure singles, and they all offer a fresh take on the song. Mighty Joe Drake's funking monster is just fun as hell, I love the speed, psych guitar and Joe's aggressive delivery, plus the funky breaks. The Roadrunners single is featured on many New Zealand comps and is a piece of rough'n ready freakbeat with raw guitar power, and The Lost Souls' closer is a hyperspeed wig-out propelled by pounding keys and frantic drums that enters and exits like a hurricane!

Thanks for listening, as ever.

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