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Radio TDATS announcement

Castle Farm interview with Steve Traveller

JODO interview with Rod Alexander

Heat Exchange interview/comp with Craig Carmody

Interview/comp with Klemen Breznikar of "It's Psychedelic Baby"

Radio Interview with Tony Bourge of Budgie

Re-up of LibertyCap's The DooM That Time Forgot series

Roadburn Festival 2013 interview special: TDATS 86 - Mater of my Fate

Ra'anan Chelled book interview / review compilation

Core of Desruction radio TDATS tribute show 2

Christmas 2012 Present - Elder Live on Valley Homegrown

Core of Desruction radio TDATS tribute show 1

Decibel Magazine Interview Part 1

Decibel Magazine Interview Part 2

The Neil Merryweather interview special

Radburn Festival 2012 Specials - Volumes 63 & 64

The Jim Ronnie / Iron Claw interview


  1. Hey. I'm trying to find information on ex Kimla Taz drummer John Bushell. I play in a band with his son and would love to know if there are any Kimla Taz recordings (studio or live) featuring John. Any chance you can help?

    1. Hi the only Kimla Taz recordings I am aware of are these: http://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/kimla_taz/kimla_taz/