[Interviews / Themes]

Some themes that have come up more than once on TDATS, excluding the regional specials (which have their own heading above):

TDATS artist interviews (13):
Neil Merryweather (Vol68| Heat Exchange (Vol96)
Iron Claw interview with Jim Ronnie Jodo Interview with Rod Alexander
Castle Farm Interview with Steve Traveller
Cobra interview with Rob Vunderink (Vol111)
Roy Rutanen interview | Stonehouse interview with Jim Smith
Panda interview with Jaap van Eik (Vol119)
Universe interview with Steve Finn part 1
Gun / Three Man Army interview with Paul Gurvitz (Vol125)
Blue Planet interview with Art Bausch (Vol127)
Fort Mudge Memorial Dump interview with guitarist  Dan Keady
Artist career specials.
Duo Kribo (Vol98| Cozy Powell (drummer) (Vol102| Conny Plank tribute (Vol116)
Gun / Three Man Army interview with Paul Gurvitz (Vol125)  | Blackhorse feature
Dieter Dierks in the seventies pt1 (Vol135)
Doomy sounds (12): Vol62, Vol95 and all 10 of LibertyCap's comps.
Psych (1) Psych Tentacles Vol27  |  Punk and Proto-punk (1) Vol42
Dubious History (1) Vol50  |  Southern Rock (2) Vol65 & Vol112
NWOBHM and Heavy Metal-inspired (3) Vol67 , Vol121 and Vol126
Mellow prog instrumentals (1) Vol69
Singles (1) Vol70  |  Space Rock (1) Vol87
Labels (1) Deram Vol74
AOR (1) Forced Landing (US bands) Vol91
Chicano Rock (1) Vol118
Covers (1) Going Down Vol105  |  Funk (1) Vol52
Movies (2) Bands appearing in Vol100, Biker flicks Vol109
All female vocals and bands (5): Vol17, Vol49, Vol71Vol97 and Vol129.
Blues (4): Vol54 - Vol79 - Vol105 and Vol108
Roadburn festival specials (3): Vol63, Vol64 and Vol86
Heavy horn rock specials (2): Vol60 and Vol93
Other Instruments (4): Hammond Organ Vol73 | Flute Vol78 | Violin Vol99 | Slide Guitar Vol133
Interview specials with fellow rock archaeologists (5):
Vol85 Ra'anan Chelled, Demons, Fairies & Wailing Guitars: 100 Obscure Rock Acts '68-'76.
Vol94 Klemen Breznikar, It's Psychedelic Baby webzine.
Vol110 Mik Kay, Heavypsychman blog.
Vol114 Wolf of World in Sound rarity label
Vol115: Scott Blackerby (Badcat Records comp & interview)
The Electric Lounge of Aural Ecstasy tributes to TDATS: Part 1 | Part 2 | Flutes | 1975

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