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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 24: Pomp Rock

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password:  tdats

TDATS 24, "Pomp Rock", is a compilation that was inspired by the Canadian band Symphonic Slam. I was very interested in their unique mix of electronic experimentation, prog pomp and moody hard rock. I have attempted to bring together some songs that fit in with this idea. They come from all over the place but all share nice tasteful keyboards, symphonic pretensions and a certain epic quality.

I must say thanks to Zischkale for bringing Sweeney Tod to my attention, a band that featured Bryan Adams at one time. Angel's first album is great, heavy and out there without getting too cheesy, the same cannot be said for their later efforts. Arthur Brown features with the band he formed after the end of "The Crazy World Of". Aphrodite's Child was a Greek band formed in 1967, by Vangelis Papathanassiou and Demis Roussos. I always loved Vangelis's work, especially on the Blade Runner movie soundtrack. Far East Family Band feature a great Floydish trip here, and have come up on this blog before, in the earlier incarnation "Far Out".

01. Angel - Angel (Theme) (1975)
02. Hillary Blaze - Opening (1977)
03. Sweeney Todd - All Of A Sudden (1977)
04. Symphonic Slam - Everytime (1976)
05. Golem - Orion Awakes (19??)
06. Angel - Tower (1975)
07. Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - Gypsy (1973)
08. Aphrodite's Child - Aegian Sea (1971)
09. Styx - Miss America (1977)
10. Far East Family Band - Nipponjin (1975)


Monday, April 12, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 18

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Unzip password:  tdats
This volume begins with the heavy psych of South Africans 'Freedom's Children'. Angel come next with some brilliant heavy showman prog and Coven hit with their style that by '74 had changed substantially from the occult '69 debut. There is an interview with Coven's organist Rick Durrett here at Psychedelic Baby webzine. Goliath show a unique mix of southern rock and prog. Ocean from France attack with some great off-kilter hard prog and the Japanese Bow Wow impress with their rock solid proto-NWOBHM. Death precursor hardcore punk by years and the comp ends with Unida's cover of Leaf Hound, taken from the leaked version of their infamously unreleased album 'The Great Divide'.

01. Freedom's Children - That Did It - 1971
02. Angel - Broken Dreams - 1975
03. Coven - Blood On The Snow - 1974
04. Goliath - Dead Drunk Screamin' - 1972
05. Tadeusz Nalepa - Oni Zaraz Tu Przyjda - 1971
06. Ramatam - Ask Brother Ask - 1972
07. Ocean - The Juggler - 1976
08. Bow Wow - James In My Casket - 1976
09. Reaction - What's Going On Around - 1972
10. Death - Rock-N-Roll Victim - 1975
11. Groundshaker - Got Those Blues - 1971
12. Juan De La Cruz - Shake Your Brains - 1973
13. Unida - Stray (Leaf Hound cover) - 2001

Cheers, Rich

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