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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Day After The Sabbath 38: Steam Roller

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TDATS 38 kicks off with Stonewall, an NYC band with just one s/t album, this track is perfect for an opening track, it's got one of those huge rolling riffs that sounds instantly familiar, like it's been woven in the fabric of the universe for ever. Next up is guitar/drums two-piece Captain Foam, from Ohio. It's from a 45 that is reportedly from 1968. It has a wall of sound thing going on and if you search pictures you will see they embodied this with their wall of amps on stage.

Sweet (or The Sweet) are a well-known band due to some of their pop-rock hit singles but I include them here as I have been reading their popular sound was imposed on them by record label pressure while the band themselves played heavy live and preferred it that way, as you can tell from some of the lesser-known tracks buried away in their LPs. Clear Light were a one-album west coast psych band that created a doomy atmosphere in this track from 1967.  Cozy Powell will be known to most of you as part-time drummer of many huge bands like Sabbath and Rainbow. He has a small body of solo work and this "Dance With the Devil" B-side is a great little jam with a compact drum solo.

I have used another contemporary cover here, this time from Italian stoner doom titans Ufomammut, doing Blue Cheer proud. In my recent research for a South American volume I came across "Miguel Abuelo & Nada" and am quite stunned at the quality and scope of vision of the Argentinean ensemble, that recorded this work in France. Larry Coryell offers up a little jazz-psych song with a great guitar workout toward the end and the comp ends on two tracks from accomplished artists. Johnny Winter showing his infectious guitar riffery and Wishbone Ash their embryonic form of prog metal on 'The Pilgrim'.

01. Stonewall - Outer Spaced (1976)
02. Captain Foam - No Reason (1968)
03. Sweet - Cockroach (1976)
04. Clear Light - Street Singer (1967)
05. Blues Image - Pay My Dues (1970)
06. Cozy Powell - And Then There Was Skin (1973)
07. CWT - Steam Roller (1973)
08. Ufomammut - Peace Of Mind [Blue Cheer cover] (2000)
09. Damnation Of Adam Blessing - Driver (1970)
10. Miguel Abuelo & Nada - Tirando Piedras Al Rio (1973)
11. Larry Coryell - Sex (1969)
12. Johnny Winter - Guess I'll Go Away (1971)
13. Wishbone Ash - The Pilgrim (1971)


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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 27: Psych Tentacles [heavy psych pt.1]

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pass:   tdats
Volume 27 of TDATS: Psych Tentacles, features 60's heavy psych, pure fuzz and wah worship! The Amboy Dukes were the starting point for Ted Nugent, and Art were the original version of a band you may know better, Spooky Tooth. The Bluestars were an NZ band with a cool 60s punk snarl, similar to The Who. The Attack had a revolving line-up and at various times featured musicians who would go on to The Nice, Atomic Rooster, Andromeda and The Marmalade. Mind Garage are touted as one of the first "Christian Rock" bands, not that you'd notice anything very religious in their sludgy sound and offers of clothes-tearing here! The Bonniwell Music Machine (aka The Music Machine) had some chart  success in the US, as did The Sparkles, who were produced by Roy Orbison's drummer, Larry Parks. There is an interview with The Open Mind's bassist Timothy Du Feu here at Psychedelic Baby webzine.

01. Giant Crab - Hot Line Conversation (1968)
02. The Glass Sun - Silence of the Morning (1968)
03. The Attack - Mr Pinnodomy's Dilemma (1967)
04. The Amboy Dukes - Flight of the Byrd (1968)
05. Art - Room With a View (1967)
06. High Tide - Death Warmed Up (1969)
07. The Bluestars - Social End Product (1966)
08. Bulldog Breed - When The Sun Stands Still (1969)
09. The Bonniwell Music Machine - You'll Love Me Again (1967)
10. The Open Mind - Magic Potion (1969)
11. Eden's Children - If She's Right (1968)
12. The Sparkles - No Friend of Mine (1967)
13. Heavy Balloon - Barnyard Blues (1969)
14. Brain Police - World of Wax (1968)
15. Mind Garage - Asphalt Mother (1967)
16. Damnation of Adam Blessing - Cookbook (1969)
17. Vox - Wah Wah ad (1966)

Thanks for listening.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 13 compilation

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password:  tdats
TDATS13 Begins with some rock heavy prog from the Norwegian Flax, goes through the frenetic madness of Hungarians Skorpió. Track 11 is from a supergroup jam session featuring the likes of Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Paice, Tony Ashton and an as-yet unnamed singer. It finishes up with the excellent Aussie band Peeping Tom's (R.I.P.) cover of Gentle Giant and some unique jazzy grooves from the UK's Nucleus.

01. Flax - Leaving Home - 1975
02. Electric Food - Andy's Breakdown-Plantation - 1971
03. Crystal Haze - Flame - 1976
04. Skorpió - A Rohanás - 1974
05. Diamond REO - It's a Jungle Out There - 1976
06. Damnation of Adam Blessing - Nightmare - 1973
07. Crow - Heading North - 1970
08. Paternoster - Realization - 1972
09. Pinnacle - The Ripper - 1974
10. Painter - Slave Driver - 1973
11. Green Bullfrog - Who Do You Love - 1972
12. Room - No Warmth In My Life - 1970
13. Peeping Tom - Why Not (Gentle Giant cover) - 2001
14. Nucleus - Song for the Bearded Lady - 1971

Cheers, Rich

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