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The Day After The Sabbath 32: Power of Zeus [Greece pt.1]

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The Day After The Sabbath 32 "Power of Zeus" is a collection from Greek artists. It starts and ends with a band I really like, Aphropdite's Child, who were started by the later-famous solo electronic artist Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou (aka Vangelis), and Artemios Ventouris Roussos who later shot to solo fame as Demis Roussos. By 1977, "Vavoura Band" had success in the top Athens clubs, highlighting at the Kyttaro club supporting Greece’s then top rock band 'Socrates', who also feature on this compilation, in two incarnations; Beginning life as 'Socrates Drank the Conium', and later changing name to just 'Socrates' with their final album, for which they were joined by Vangelis for his third track contribution here. There is little info on many of these bands, Kastores and Gazuama Sinchartchas especially, they produced rare singles and apparently vanished as many of these bands do. "The Sun Of Greece" were formed in Germany by three Greek expatriates and one German in 1972. After the fall of the military junta the band returned to Greece and privately released one of the rarest Greek singles "Mavra Poulia/O Listis Kai o Fonias". The fall of the Greek dictatorship had a strong effect on music, as it did in all aspects of life there. It was much easier for bands after 1974, which is around when Morka and Axis formed. Axis here present an interesting track, a repetative slew of riffs that sounds like King Crimson at their most alienatingly mechanical.

01. Aphrodite's Child - The Battle of the Locusts / Do It (1971)
02. Vavoura Band - Κατάρα (The Curse) (1979)
03. Socrates Drank The Conium - Who Is To Blame? (1973)
04. Kastores - O Ksenos Zitianos / Polemos Esti Fonias (1973)
05. Nemesis - Dreamer (1976)
06. The Sun Of Greece - O Arhigos / O Listis Kai O Fonias (1974)
07. Morka - Avenue Winter (1973)
08. Socrates - Time Of Pain / Killer (1976)
09. Axis - Materializing The Unlimited (1973)
10. Gazuama Sinchartchas - Anipsosi Apotinaksi Ekfigi (1971)
11. The 4 Levels Of Existence - Metamorphic (1976)
12. Aphrodite's Child - The Four Horsemen (1971)

Special thanks to Acidfuzzzzer over at for his invaluable assistance!
Cheers, Rich

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 31: Lost In The World

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I begin with a couple of credits; Zischkale has helped out on this one with some essential suggestions including The Viola Crayola and Argus, and RandyRhoadsRIP made the great contribution of The Exkursions.

The Exkursions
The Day After The Sabbath 31 starts with The Exkursions' lovely fuzzy sound, seemingly Christian bands were capable of great music back then."Pretty irresistable Christian bluesy guitarpsych exkursion featuring the prolific Mike Johnson in his younger days as a bible-carrying Hendrix epigon. Has to be one of the coolest x-ian LPs of all time, with a confident powertrio groove, laidback Jimi-style vocals, and several truly great tracks like "Third Eye". Despite being a private press originals aren't difficult to find. Two tracks can be found on the "Holy Fuzz" compilation if you want a sample."

"If you weren’t paying attention, you wouldn’t notice that this is a Christian album, which is a good sign. Mike Johnson is a truly talented guitarist and a few songs here have a fuzz sound to die for. The songwriting doesn’t match the performances, and there are a few bluesy/hard rock clichés, but for the most part this is solid hard rock and one of the best in the Christian realm." (AcidArchives)

Steel consisted of Roland Robinson (bass-six string bass-vocal), Duane Hutchings (organ-piano-keyboard bass), Carl Sims (vocal), Steve Busfield (electric guitar-slide guitar-vocal), and Jerry Norris (drums-vocals). Great band combining a soul singer with a groovy hard rock band, excellent bass player (Roland Robinson) who worked as a studio bassist in the 60s for the STAX label, and played on the Jimi Hendrix “Nine To The Universe” album.
Goldenrod is not just the backing band of Darius-it is Ben Benay, Jerry Scheff and Toxey French who were involved into several major projects, playing with Elvis Presley, 5th Dimension, supporting The Doors. Ventures to name a few. On this album they let it free wheeling running-just caring about their own passion with a magical sound in 4 long cuts which satisfy with intense and emotional sound and ultimate guitar work by Ben Benay.

From Los Angeles, Goldenrod were part of the “Our Productions” crew, along with Mike Deasy, Lee Mallory and Curt Boettcher. As part of this talented group of people, they contributed to numerous albums and sessions in addition to those released as Goldenrod. Some of these included Tommy Roe, Darius and backing the Association on their first two albums. Much of this session work was done on a “conveyor belt” system; with all the instrumental tracks being cut at Gary Paxton’s studio, and vocals for the more well known acts cut at Columbia.

All three had earlier played with Ballroom with Boettcher and together with Mallory, they formed the basis of the original line-up of Millennium. Scheff contributed Dandelion Wine to the Millennium repertoire, but all three left when it looked like Millennium would turn into a ‘proper’ band rather than a studio project. Goldenrod are also thought to have backed Lee Mallory live.

Argus were Dave Wagstaffe (drums), Mick Pearl (bass), Del Watkins (guitar), Ken Lewis (vocals) and their s/t release appears to be a retrospective from various times: "This release is a very funny stuff, one of that kind that have been compiled with a very strange sense. Credited to Argus should have be titled "Dave Wagstaffe's first bands" because comprises material of two very different groups of this drummer, actually playing in "Landmarq and The Oliver Wakeman Band, plus sessions, and drum teaching." as he pointed in his MySpace page.

The first band is Argus with material recorded in 1973, a hard rock outfit that sounds like Free, included the singing. Above average band, whose best talent is... the drummer!!!... great drumming by Mr. Wagstaffe in its 5 tracks (small solo in track 4... beautiful). Second band is Anaconda with live material recorded in 1977, a jazz-rock outfit!!!... that sound like any jazz-rock band... if we discard the horrible singing we found a good guitar playing (showing that Randy Spence plays as good as bad he sing), a little persistent participation of flute (not bad at all) and a rhythm section really competent, where the best talent is... the drummer!!!... great drumming by Mr. Wagstaffe in the 7 tracks (long solo in track 4 (9 of the compilation)... beautiful).
A good recommendation is to listen the 5 first tracks (hard-rock) go take a cup of tea and then go for the next 7 tracks (jazz-rock)."

Billy Cox
Sometimes known as Billy Cox's Nitro Function, other times simply as Nitro Function. Billy Cox is probably best known for playing bass with Jimi Hendrix, though perhaps less famous than Noel Redding. Cox was a member of Hendrix's Band of Gypsies. Here on his only solo album, as Nitro Function, he plays some excellent psychedelic rock with Char Vinnedge on guitar and Robert Tarrant on drums. A tribute to Hendrix and similar musically, but definitely with it's own flavor... a hint of funk to be heard in there too. Very spacey desert rock, as the cover would suggest.

Truth & Janey
Heavy 70s stoner rock grooves from Truth & Janey! There's a heaviness to No Rest For The Wicked that's pretty easy to love -- with dense, chunky guitars and walloping drums -- sometimes hinting at the blues based force of Cream, with a touch more darkness and brute force -- but with more grooves and psychedelia than the early metal titans. There is an interview with lead guitarist BillyLee Janey here at the Psychedelic Baby webzine.

The late-'60s power trio format made famous by Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience sent inspirational shockwaves across the rock & roll universe, and among the most isolated examples of its influence must have been eastern Iowa's extremely obscure cult hard rock band Truth and Janey. Taking their name from the seminal Jeff Beck Group album, vocalist/guitarist Billy Janey, vocalist/bassist Steven Bock, and drummer Denis Bunce (original percussionist John Fillingsworth lasted less than a year) began penning original material, recorded a pair of singles in 1972/1973, and then evolved into Truth and Janey when informed that another band already held rights to the Truth moniker before them. Arduous roadwork in the neighbouring states kept the band busy in years to come, but the absence of a major record deal eventually drove them to finance their own album -- a fierce and bluesy hard rocker to be entitled No Rest for the Wicked -- at a studio in nearby Ames, IA. This they released through a local independent label, and its 1,000-unit pressing quickly sold out among their dedicated fans in the region -- but that was it. With no apparent career-advancing prospects in their near future, Truth and Janey disbanded the following year, with main man Janey turning to blues and adding a "Lee" to his name before recording several albums throughout the '80s and '90s. Truth and Janey's modest legacy was kept alive by their few cult followers and eventually lef a3  L9ial CD pressing of No Rest for the Wicked by Monster Records (which added all four of their single A- and B-sides, to boot), and a legendary live performance released in 2004 as Erupts!

Though they might be long forgotten by all but the most tuned-in of collectors, The Rats amount to little short of royalty in the enchanted world of junk-shop glam. Released in 1974 on the newly-launched Good Ear label (reportedly complete with a promotional beer mat), despite sounding at times worthy of a vintage Tony Visconti production, The Rats’ one and only album promptly disappeared from view.

And that’s where it remained, until now, of course. Fronted by singer-songwriter Dave Kubinec (formerly of mid-60s act Pieces Of Mind and psych-pop outfit The World Of Oz), The Rats were the brainchild and creation of one-time Black Sabbath associate Adrian Millar. He paired Kubinec with readymade backing band CWT, who were demoing material for a possible album. For all its unconventional origins, First Long Player Record is, in its own way, a strangely engaging album which bristles with hints of T.Rex alongside fellow period icons Mott The Hoople and Ziggy-era Bowie. Pity, then, that The Rats’ story is ultimately a dead end one of a band whose line-up splintered before the album was even released. Even with a reshuffled line-up, they were destined never to tread the boards as a live act.

"Elf is the first album by Ronnie James Dio's blues rock band called Elf. It was released in 1972. Dio at the time still went by his birth name Ronald Padavona.

After this album, Steve Edwards replaced David Feinstein on guitar, and Craig Gruber replaced Ronnie James Dio on bass. However, Ronnie James Dio continued to sing lead vocals for the band. This future lineup, minus Feinstein, became the first incarnation of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow when Deep Purple axeman Ritchie Blackmore left Deep Purple."

The Viola Crayola
The Viola Crayola was a Texan band fronted by the Viola brothers, Anthony on the guitar and Ron on drums, joined by the bassist Bill Jolly. The bright future of the band was unfortunately sealed by the death of very talented Anthony Viola in a car accident in San Antonio in late 1974. Before his tragedy, the band recorded their only LP in first three days of October in 1974, a short (29 minutes) album and besides a Frank Zappa influenced number, completely instrumental jazz fusion record which shows off all the talents of this trio, especially creativity and technical playing by the late Anthony Viola. Even though the album sometimes gives the impression of a jam feel, the back cover illustrates with note sheets on how the music is actually carefully structured and composed. Dedicated to Mama Viola, the LP was originally released in 1974 on a obscure label Fautna and waited for more than 30 years to be found as a lost gem and then released on an audio CD on Radioactive label in 2005. The record itself was titled after the poem Music Breathing Of Statues by Rainer Maria.

In the late 1960s, Chris and James Kellesis formed a hard progressive-psych band called Jackal in Toronto. Organist Chris Kellesis and brother James wrote the material and were joined by singer Charlie SHANNON and guitarist Dave Bernard for their only LP 'Awake', released on obscure Canadian label Periwinkle in 1973 [reissued by Radioactive in 2004].

Reminiscent of Tempest, Warhorse, and early Lord & Blackmore, Jackal did perfectly ratty and ragged heavy prog and even evoke brethren RUSH at moments. Absolutely authentic prog/psych, 'Awake' is among the definitive LPs of the post-underground Canadian rock scene.

Los Natas
Much inluenced by Proto-Prog scene in the latter part of the 1960s like The Doors or The Who and Psych/Space Rock in the 1970s like Pink Floyd or Black Sabbath, Los Natas gave their first cry in 1993 as an Argentine Stoner Progressive Rock ensemble. Sergio Chotsourian (guitars, voices), Walter Broide (drums, voices), and Gonzalo 'Crudo' Villagra (bass) have cultivated their soundscape more widely not only with their native essence or psychedelic, experimental rock but also with the trance minimalism of the Hindu or the Futurism of the Techno-Goa-Trance music. And all their musical essence could be crystallized as their debut album 'Delmar' (recorded in 1996 and released in 1998 via an independent label Man's Ruin Records).

Los Natas are much appreciated by various genres or styles of Argentine bands, and have been persuaded to play them on a large number of stages in Argentina. Furthermore they have been on many tours to US, Europe, South America with important bands in each country, and performed as headliners in various rock festivals all around the world. Even between lots of gigs, Los Natas  invited Billy Anderson, a renowned record producer & engineer, to produce some of their albums - e.g. 'Corsario Negro' (2002), 'El Hombre Montaña' (2006), or 'El Universo Perdido' (2007) - all of that can be much approved by reviewers and fans.


01. The Exkursions - It's Been Set Down (1971)
       from album 'the exkursions'
02. Steel - Road Runner / Eye to Eye (1971)
       from album 'steel'
03. Goldenrod - Descent Of Cyclopeans (1969)
       from album 'goldenrod'
04. Argus - Superstition (1973)
       from retrospective 'argus'
05. Billy Cox - Powerhouse (1972)
       from album 'nitro function'
06. Truth And Janey - Remember (1976)
       from album 'no rest for the wicked'
07. Rats - Child He Die (1974)
       from album 'first record'
08. Elf - Gambler Gambler (1972)
       from album 'elf'
09. The Viola Crayola - I Know You Don't Have A Car (1974)
       from album 'music: breathing for statues'
10. Jackal - Lost In The World (1973)
       from album 'awake'
11. Los Natas - Brainstorm (2002)
       from compilation 'sucking the 70s'

Thanks to all!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 30: Helloweenie Roast

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password:  tdats
I am indebted to Zischkale for suggesting vol. 30's tracks, thus enabling me to fast-track this in time for all your party celebrations, good man! My only entry here was the Deep Purple cover by an aptly-named band. And yes, track two is the real deal! Hey Zisch, I leave it to you to tell us a little more...
Zischkale said...
Nicely done, I can't believe you got it out so fast. Goblin's an Italian band that did soundtrack work for the original release of Dawn of the Dead and Suspiria. Track 2 is probably the "trick" part of this, but a good heavy song that's being talked about over at Looking forward to hearing track 4. The Antonius Rex is real over the top doom stuff, perfect fun Halloween soundtrack. "Demon in your Heart" is similar fare, with a wild ending. More gloomy stuff with Jacula, the real odd Spooky Tooth album, great Lucifer's Friend track that's sort of their "Black Sabbath." Nightmare is a band I know nothing about, but dig on the fat chorus-effect guitar riff. Weird rock 'n' roll. Track12 is pure inspiration for a Halloween night--big ol' Sabbath medley.

01. Goblin - Suspiria (1977)
02. Gotta Get Love (1976)
03. Bloodrock - D.O.A. (1970)
04. Rat Bat Blue [D.P. Cover] (1999)
05. Antonius Rex - Aquila non Capit Muscas (1974)
06. Flax - Demon In Your Heart (1976)
07. Jacula - Triumphatus Sad (1969?)
08. Spooky Tooth with Pierre Henry - Jubilation (1970)
09. Lucifer's Friend - Lucifer's Friend (1970)
10. Nightmare - Witch Woman (1979)
11. The Ghost - When You're Dead (1970)
12. Sabbath Medley '88 (1988)

Thanks again for listening.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 29: Hard Rock Heaven

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Unzip password:  tdats
Welcome to Volume 29 of TDATS. Blodwyn Pig kick off with a frantic track, they were founded by guitarist-vocalist-songwriter Mick Abrahams, after he left Jethro Tull in 1968 due to a falling-out with Tull leader Ian Anderson. Fraction include an intense vocal performance reminiscent of Jim Morrison. Stonehouse were a UK band that only recorded one album 'Stonehouse Creek', they show an english take on southern hard rock. The Stampeders are a wild card here, they were a canadian country band that pulled out all the stops for just one song, and here it is. Good rats had some success in the US, cutting their teeth in Long Island’s thriving club scene, along with other notable names such as Twisted Sister. Jodo enter with their big, direct no-nonsense bluesy grooves that get straight to the point and drill you into submission. Legs Diamond sound like an American take on Deep Purple, featuring driving keys from Michael Prince. A brilliant cover, by a brilliant band, of a brilliant song from another brilliant band,  that is all I can say about track 12. And to the end...a bit of fun with a re-appearance of Blodwyn Pig to see us off into hard rock heaven.

01. Blodwyn Pig - Worry (1970)
02. Fresh Blueberry Pancake - Clown On A Rope (1970)
03. Fraction - Come Out Of Her (1971)
04. Humble Pie - Four Day Creep (1971)
05. Doc Rockit - Circle of Stone (1979)
06. Stonehouse - Cheater / Topaz (1971)
07. The Stampeders - Wild Eyes (1974)
08. Good Rats - Phil Fleish (1974)
09. Jodo - I'm Still Trying (1971)
10. Legs Diamond - Come With Me (1977)
11. Dark - R.C. 8 (1972)
12. Pentagram - Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air) (1999)
13. Blodwyn Pig - Long Bomb Blues (1970)

Cheers, Rich

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crank - A Night In The cave (US Hard Rock)

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Unzip password:  tdats

Crank is partly the reason this blog exists. I first heard it last year after Ogmonster and Kismeth posted it on I was so impressed ('Don't Push Me Away' is a stand-out) I was inspired to make my own compilations, evolving into this blog.

It rekindled a woefully neglected interest in obscure rock that I developed some years earlier, after finding uploads by 'ChrisGoesRock'. He ripped a huge rare rock vinyl collection and shared it with the world in the early 2000's when torrent sites were just emerging, introducing me to amazing albums by bands like Sir Lord Baltimore, Bang, Captain Beyond and Leaf Hound. I made a bunch of tape compilations for myself and friends, the rest is history as they say.

It's the b-side of a split LP, featuring the bands 'Thump Theater' and 'Crank'. It's not clear when it was recorded (69-71 approx) or what became of the bands.
Here's a description I have found on a few mail-order sites:
"Heavy-rock with progressive touch, split lp unearthed by the rockadelic label featuring ultra-rare underground 70s hard rock sounds (c. 1971) with one side by each band. these tapes came from the cavern sound studios (stoned circus, bulbous creation, phantasia, trizo 50); the crank tape had ‘zep jr.’ written on the box, which is pretty accurate frame of reference. Thump Theater offers a more progressive rock sound with some good guitar breaks and catchy lyrics. last copies from a long gone edition from 1997 of around 600 copies."
As for Crank's music, it's consistently heavy, tightly played energetic hard blusey rock, packed with sharp riffs. Owing a debt to Led Zep no doubt, but with it's own brand of aggression it stands on it's own merit as the sound of a young and extremely talented band that could have gone on greater success. The final track regresses slightly in to standard blues-rock, but this is eminently forgivable, acknowledging the influences this music emerged from. This really deserves to be on here, so ENJOY!

01. Let Go
02. Give You My Love
03. Want You Back
04. Don't Push Me Away
05. N F T B

Cheers, Rich

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 28: Thor's Hammer [Nordic pt.1]

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The Day After The Sabbath 28: Thor's Hammer [Nordic 1] by Rich Aftersabbath on Mixcloud

Volume 28 of TDATS: Thor's Hammer, features bands from Scandinavia and related Nordic countries (Edit: Since doing this I have also made 72: Denmark | 81: Norway | 75: Sweden | 88: Finland | 124: Iceland). As we know, they have an awesome track record in heavy music, their dedication, seemingly instinctive musical talent and made-for-metal cultural heritage will continue to amaze.

01. Trúbrot (Iceland) - I. Forleikur / What We Believe In (1970)
02. Blues Addicts (Denmark) - 5/4 (1970)
03. Apollo (Finland) - Ajatuksia (1970)
04. Høst (Norway) - Samhold (1974)
05. Trettioåriga Kriget (Sweden) - Röster Från Minus Till Plus (1974)
06. Rhapsody (Sweden) - Strange Vibrations (1978)
07. Sume (Greenland) - Nye Tider (1973)
08. Moses (Denmark) - Changes (1971)
09. Plebb (Sweden) - Tankar Om Natten (1979)
10. Råg i Ryggen (Sweden) - Det kan väl inte vara farligt (1975)
11. Shaggy (Sweden) - Destination Nowhere (1975)
12. Hurdy Gurdy (Denmark) - Spaceman / Improv (1971)

Trúbrot kick off the proceedings, one of Iceland's foremost rock bands from the late 60s, they played many styles and had some decent heaviness here and there. Blues Addicts introduce themselves with some nice honest heavy blues, lead vocalist and guitarist Ivan Horn later joined C.V. Jørgensen amongst many other "big" Danish bands. Apollo, who were mostly made up from members of the popular Finnish band Topmost, play some loose psych with doom feel.

Høst have featured on previous comps, a very talented Norwegian band who's heavy prog often veered into NWOBHM-like territory, well before it's inception. I really like the Trettioåriga Kriget track here, it's an involved piece with some jarring time-changes that I can imagine experimental metal bands like Meshuggah having fun covering. Rhapsody are a good example of where metal was heading towards the late 70s with the rise of bands like Judas Priest. Sume offer a chilled track for a pleasant half-time breather before the compilation ploughs to the end with some nice Sabbathy doom from Moses and more awesome prog showmanship from Råg i Ryggen.

Thanks for listening.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 27: Psych Tentacles [heavy psych pt.1]

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pass:   tdats
Volume 27 of TDATS: Psych Tentacles, features 60's heavy psych, pure fuzz and wah worship! The Amboy Dukes were the starting point for Ted Nugent, and Art were the original version of a band you may know better, Spooky Tooth. The Bluestars were an NZ band with a cool 60s punk snarl, similar to The Who. The Attack had a revolving line-up and at various times featured musicians who would go on to The Nice, Atomic Rooster, Andromeda and The Marmalade. Mind Garage are touted as one of the first "Christian Rock" bands, not that you'd notice anything very religious in their sludgy sound and offers of clothes-tearing here! The Bonniwell Music Machine (aka The Music Machine) had some chart  success in the US, as did The Sparkles, who were produced by Roy Orbison's drummer, Larry Parks. There is an interview with The Open Mind's bassist Timothy Du Feu here at Psychedelic Baby webzine.

01. Giant Crab - Hot Line Conversation (1968)
02. The Glass Sun - Silence of the Morning (1968)
03. The Attack - Mr Pinnodomy's Dilemma (1967)
04. The Amboy Dukes - Flight of the Byrd (1968)
05. Art - Room With a View (1967)
06. High Tide - Death Warmed Up (1969)
07. The Bluestars - Social End Product (1966)
08. Bulldog Breed - When The Sun Stands Still (1969)
09. The Bonniwell Music Machine - You'll Love Me Again (1967)
10. The Open Mind - Magic Potion (1969)
11. Eden's Children - If She's Right (1968)
12. The Sparkles - No Friend of Mine (1967)
13. Heavy Balloon - Barnyard Blues (1969)
14. Brain Police - World of Wax (1968)
15. Mind Garage - Asphalt Mother (1967)
16. Damnation of Adam Blessing - Cookbook (1969)
17. Vox - Wah Wah ad (1966)

Thanks for listening.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 26

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password:  tdats
Volume 26 of TDATS features a collection of straight out rocking tracks with a few famous individuals. Track 1 is hard rock with prog, Far East Family Band (formerly called 'Far Out') play some great mellow but groovy Floydish space rock. Black Sheep included Lou Gramm and Armageddon were a supergroup with drummer Bobby Caldwell (Captain Beyond), singer Keith Relf (Yardbirds/Renaissance), guitarist Martin Pugh (Steamhammer), and bassist Louis Cennamo (Renaissance/Steamhammer). One St. Steven is the work of Don L. Patterson, a one man band, who originally intended the music to be on a soundtrack to a movie that was never finished. On track 11 we have a cover of a Cactus classic, and Arthur Brown's varied space rock opus 'Come Alive'.

01. Young Man (1973)
02. Oda - Gabriel (1972)
03. Strife - Magic Of The Dawn (1975)
04. Far East Family Band - Timeless (1975)
05. Alkana - On Our Own (1977)
06. Black Sheep - Far Side Of The Sun (1975)
07. Armageddon - Last Stand Before (1975)
08. One St. Stephen - You May Be Religious/Junkies Lament (1975)
09. Dryewater - Winterground (1974)
10. Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You (1971)
11. Monster Magnet - Evil (Is Going On) [Cactus cover] (1993)
12. Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - Come Alive [edit] (1973)

Cheers, Rich.
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 25: Cantrips [Scotland special]

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can·trip  (kntrp)
1. Scots; A magic spell; a witch's trick.

TDATS 25 features Scottish bands. A selection of The Pictish nation's finest vintage rock practitioners. Iron Claw shouldn't be too much of a mystery by now, they were a band who seems to have shown great promise, picking up on the Sabbath sound very early and matching it in places with undeniable talent, unfortunatley luck was not on their side and they have only recently had an official release, after years of lurking in bootleg limbo. Bodkin play some great dark prog and Iron Virgin peddled some good glam with decent heaviness (and a hilarious image). Holocaust are here as a late entry, I was looking for late-70s NWOBHM and really had a tough time finding Scottish examples, until I found Holocaust, who formed in 1977. The band on track 11 were a pop group who on occasion delved into heavier territory and "Í've been around too long" is a great track. Many thanks to the various knowledgable people at,, and for their insight which has helped me research these bands.

01. Tentacle - Intro (1971)
02. Iron Claw - Straight Jacket (1972)
03. Bodkin - Plastic Man (1972)
04. The Human Beast - Reality Presented as an Alternative (1970)
05. Iron Virgin - Shake That Fat (1974)
06. Soho Orange - Nightmare (1971)
07. Tentacle - Tentacle (1971)
08. Writing On The Wall - It Came On A Sunday (1969)
09. Forever More - Promises of Spring (1970)
10. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - The Faith Healer (1973)
11. Light of Darkness - Freedom Fight (1971)
12. Tear Gas - Where Is My Answer (1971)
13. Holocaust - Out Of My Book (1980)
14. Marmalade - I've Been Around Too Long (1971)
15. Tentacle - Epitaph (1971)

Thanks for listening.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 24: Pomp Rock

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TDATS 24, "Pomp Rock", is a compilation that was inspired by the Canadian band Symphonic Slam. I was very interested in their unique mix of electronic experimentation, prog pomp and moody hard rock. I have attempted to bring together some songs that fit in with this idea. They come from all over the place but all share nice tasteful keyboards, symphonic pretensions and a certain epic quality.

I must say thanks to Zischkale for bringing Sweeney Tod to my attention, a band that featured Bryan Adams at one time. Angel's first album is great, heavy and out there without getting too cheesy, the same cannot be said for their later efforts. Arthur Brown features with the band he formed after the end of "The Crazy World Of". Aphrodite's Child was a Greek band formed in 1967, by Vangelis Papathanassiou and Demis Roussos. I always loved Vangelis's work, especially on the Blade Runner movie soundtrack. Far East Family Band feature a great Floydish trip here, and have come up on this blog before, in the earlier incarnation "Far Out".

01. Angel - Angel (Theme) (1975)
02. Hillary Blaze - Opening (1977)
03. Sweeney Todd - All Of A Sudden (1977)
04. Symphonic Slam - Everytime (1976)
05. Golem - Orion Awakes (19??)
06. Angel - Tower (1975)
07. Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - Gypsy (1973)
08. Aphrodite's Child - Aegian Sea (1971)
09. Styx - Miss America (1977)
10. Far East Family Band - Nipponjin (1975)


Monday, June 7, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 23: From Far & Wide (Canada special)

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unzip password:  tdats

TDATS 23 is a colletion of music from Canada. [EDIT: There has since been two more, Vol58 and Vol92] After Troyka's rousing intro Thundermug are first up with one of their heaviest songs 'Bad Guy'. There is an interview with Troyka guitarist Robert Edwards here at Psychedelic Baby webzine .BTO are not obscure, but that's only because of that song, so you may be pleasently surprised to hear them nice'n heavy with 'Not Fragile'. Steel River play some fuzzy psych on 'Losing Friends' and the prolific musician Neil Merryweather is represented twice here, with his eponymous effort and his band Ivar Avenue Reunion. Having been recently re-issued on the Relapse label, it's tempting by their name to compare Warpig with Sabbath but I consider them more in Deep Purple/Uriah Heep territory. Connexion offer some fun french language psych and Mahogany Rush display Frank Marino's enveloping guitar atmospherics. Walter Rossi was guitarist in the band 'Charlee' that I have used previously on Vol 5, his infectious riffing is back on 'Hey Serena'. I find closers on track 15 quite fasinating, Timo Laine was one of the first artists to use a polyphonic guitar synth and keyboardist David Stone went on to play for Rainbow. Their track here 'Universe' is a slab of intriguing space prog with doomy overtones.

01. Troyka - Introduction (1970)
02. Thundermug - Bad Guy (1973)
03. Steel River - Losing Friends (1970)
04. Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Not Fragile (1974)
05. Neil Merryweather - Star Rider (1975)
06. Pat Travers - Makes No Difference (1976)
07. Warpig - Sunflight (1970)
08. Connexion - Faut Pas l’Cher (1975)
09. A Foot in Coldwater - It's Only Love (1974)
10. Avalon - Silver Bullets (1977)
11. Blue Max - The New One (1976)
12. Ivar Avenue Reunion - Magic Fool (1970)
13. Mahogany Rush - Land Of 1000 Nights (1975)
14. Walter Rossi - Hey Serena (1976)
15. Symphonic Slam - Universe (1976)
16. Troyka - Troyka Finale (1970)

Cheers, Rich.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 22

Download: [mf] or [mg]
Volume 22 is an eclectic mix from all over the board, three slabs of 60s heavy psych from Peacepipe, Waters and Mass Temper mix in with the krautrock of Kravetz and Electric Sandwitch. Luv Machine are likely the only Barbados band you'll see on this blog. The heavy prog of Omega remains Hangary's biggest rock export so far and Suck represent South Africa's shot at Sabbath heaviness. Cool Feet have two joined tracks here, the album from which is a rare pressing that combines an intriguing mix of hard rock with NWOBHM hints. Another classic cover appears on track 13 from a UK alt/sludge band, who employ fuzz of evil magnitude to cover Cream's standard, Sunshine Of Your Love.

01. Luv Machine - Witches Wand (1971)
02. Peacepipe - The Sun Won't Shine Forever (1968)
03. Piel De Pueblo - Jugando A Las Palabras (1974)
04. Elonkorjuu - Future (1972)
05. Suck - The Whip (1971)
06. Waters - Mother Samwell (1969)
07. Electric Sandwich - China (single version) (1973)
08. Hallelujah - Mini Funk (1971)
09. Cool Feet - Hello Lucy / Burning Desire (1976)
10. Omega - You Don't Know (1974)
11. Mass Temper - Gravedigger (1968)
12. Affinity - Three Sisters (1970)
13. Fudge Tunnel - Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream cover) (1991)
14. Kravetz - Routes (1972)

Cheers, Rich

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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 21: Uluru Rock (Australia)

Download from [mf] or [mg]
Unzip password:  tdats

[Also see Vol80 for a new Aussie comp] TDATS number 21 "Uluru Rock" features Australian bands, and one from New Zealand slipped in too. Due to the size and remoteness of the Austalasian scene, and the remoteness between the cities of Australia themselves, It was hard for bands to network and find support to progress. Many of these tracks are from singles. Lots of the bands, like Chook, never had the opportunities to produce a full album. I have used their track in a previous comp, but thought it should be put in here as it's a perfect candidate for the theme and also I have managed to find a far better quality version. Fanny Adams appears again with a new track, showing their appealing take on driving simple hard blues riffs that hook into you like Free do.

Rabbit feature none other than the original singer of AC/DC; Dave Evans, and another band that only produced a single, 'The Ash', have two songs joined here as I think they are equally great, being some of the heaviest sabbath-styled stuff I have found from Oz at the time. NZ's Ticket offer an uplifting psych anthem to individuality and Coloured Balls (a name that surely shows the Aussies' bawdy humour) start with a meaty riff and ends the comp on a contemplative note, as does the moody final track from Master's Apprentices.

01. Flake - Breadalbane (1974)
02. Buffalo - 'Til My Death (1973)
03. Bakery - No Dying In The Dark (1971)
04. Long Grass - Anywhere You Wanna Go (1967)
05. Rabbit - Dinosaur - (1975)
06. Southern Cross - What I Am Waiting For (1976)
07. Chook - Cold Feet (1971)
08. Fanny Adams - Ain't No Loving Left (1971)
09. The Ash - Warrant / Midnight Witch (1971)
10. Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - No More War (1973)
11. Ticket - Awake (1972)
12. Coloured Balls - Human Being (1973)
13. Master's Apprentices - Games We Play Part 2 (1971)

Thanks for listening!

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 20

Download from [mf] or [mg]
Password:   tdats
Volume 20 begins with Granmax's driving tenacity and goes on to the masterfully wah'd up heavy blues of track 2. Blossom Toes have a stand out track here, don't let their name fool you, this is a seriously heavy psych trip with some unbelievably aggressive vocals. There is an interview with Blossom Toes guitarist Brian Godding here at Psychedelic Baby webzine. Brain Police come back with some more gloriously heavy psych and track 9 jazz's up the procedings before Dirk Steffens (Ex of Birth Control) supplies some razor sharp hard rock riffing. Some more 60s groove comes our way courtesy of Brainbox before this installment ends with another cover, the bands involved needing no further introduction here...

01. Granmax - Glitter Boots Boogie - 1976
02. Chicken Shack - Poor Boy - 1972
03. Días De Blues - No Podrán Conmigo - 1972
04. Blossom Toes - Peace Loving Man - 1969
05. Epsilon - Move On - 1971
06. Big Brother Ernie Joseph - L.L.A. - 1970
07. Blue Phantom - Dipnoi - 1971
08. Brain Police - Gypsy Fast Woman - 1968
09. Mogul Thrash - Sleeping In The Kitchen - 1971
10. Frijid Pink - I'm Movin' - 1970
11. Dirk Steffens - Just A Game - 1976
12. Brainbox - Amsterdam, Down Man - 1969
13. I Can't See My Feelings (Budgie cover)

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 19: Kraut Rockin'

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pass:  tdats

This special volume features music from Germany, connected to the 'Krautrock' movement of the 70s. There's a mix of trippy instrumentals, English and German vocals, and some more conventional rockers. I have tried to stick to the more accessible end of the genre and shortish track lengths, except for the epic closer from 'My solid Ground', which is a great trip through all the moods they display on their eponymous album. The K.W. track here is quite a special thing indeed, it's taken from a 1971 Radio Bremen broadcast, before their wholly electronic incarnation. To me it sounds astoundingly like a Kyuss riff dictionary, as does the whole Bootleg it's taken from.

Thanks for listening! Rich

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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 18

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Unzip password:  tdats
This volume begins with the heavy psych of South Africans 'Freedom's Children'. Angel come next with some brilliant heavy showman prog and Coven hit with their style that by '74 had changed substantially from the occult '69 debut. There is an interview with Coven's organist Rick Durrett here at Psychedelic Baby webzine. Goliath show a unique mix of southern rock and prog. Ocean from France attack with some great off-kilter hard prog and the Japanese Bow Wow impress with their rock solid proto-NWOBHM. Death precursor hardcore punk by years and the comp ends with Unida's cover of Leaf Hound, taken from the leaked version of their infamously unreleased album 'The Great Divide'.

01. Freedom's Children - That Did It - 1971
02. Angel - Broken Dreams - 1975
03. Coven - Blood On The Snow - 1974
04. Goliath - Dead Drunk Screamin' - 1972
05. Tadeusz Nalepa - Oni Zaraz Tu Przyjda - 1971
06. Ramatam - Ask Brother Ask - 1972
07. Ocean - The Juggler - 1976
08. Bow Wow - James In My Casket - 1976
09. Reaction - What's Going On Around - 1972
10. Death - Rock-N-Roll Victim - 1975
11. Groundshaker - Got Those Blues - 1971
12. Juan De La Cruz - Shake Your Brains - 1973
13. Unida - Stray (Leaf Hound cover) - 2001

Cheers, Rich

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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 17: Evil Woman

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pass:  tdats

This special volume features music with female vocals, making for a varied collection that was a lot of fun to compile. Track 1 'Pieces of Me' features Linda Hoyle, the singer from the Vertigo-signed Affinity. Track 2 is from The Runaways, where Joan Jett's career started and track 3 is a nice slab of stonery groove from Australia's Mcphee. Room's 'War' reminds me favourably in form and theme of 'War Pigs'. Arktis are  regarded as part of the Kraut Rock movement while Aguaturbia, Brainticket and Fifty Foot Hose all offer up some excellent heavy psych, track 11 is a Dutch pop/rock band who are noted for their single hit, the much-covered 'Venus'. The Savage Rose finish up with the atmospheric doomy 'A Trial In Our Native Town'.

01. Linda Hoyle - Pieces Of Me - 1971
02. The Runaways - Is It Day Or Night - 1976
03. McPhee - The Wrong Time - 1970
04. Room - War - 1970
05. Aguaturbia - E.V.O.L. - 1970
06. Brainticket - Like A Place In The Sun - 1972
07. Arktis - Student's Idyll - 1975
08. Fifty Foot Hose - Red The Sign Post - 1967
09. Carmen Maki & Blues Creation - Motherless Child - 1970
10. Fantasy - Understand - 1970
11. Shocking Blue - Send Me A Postcard - 1970
12. Galaxy - Galaxy - 1976
13. The Savage Rose - A Trial In Our Native Town - 1969

Cheers, Rich

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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 15 & 16

This is a repost of two older comps. I have renamed them and changed the artwork a little to bring them in line with the TDATS series. Great chance to grab these ones if you haven't already, and don't worry, there's plenty of brand new volumes in the pipeline so stay tuned.....

TDATS 16: The MORNING after the Sabbath

Download from [mf] or [mg]
password:  tdats
The theme of this one is great hang over music! The best mellow tracks from some of my favourite obscure 70s bands that usually play with it turned up to 11.

01 - Ursa Major - Liberty And Justice - 1972
02 - Blue Mountain Eagle - Troubles - 1970
03 - Ancient Grease - Odd Song - 1970
04 - Cargo / September - Lydia Purple - 1970
05 - Head Over Heels - Right Away - 1971
06 - Iota - Precincts - 1969
07 - Jericho - Justin And Nova - 1972
08 - Night Sun - Come Down - 1972
09 - Nitzinger - One Foot in History - 1972
10 - Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes - Rot Gut - 1973
11 - Toe Fat - Bad Side Of The Moon - 1970
12 - Uriah Heep - Circle Of Hands - 1972
13 - Velvet Fogg - Lady Caroline - 1969
14 - Zakarrias - Let Us Change - 1971
15 - My Solid Ground - Dirty Yellow Dust - 1971

TDATS 15: The Day BEFORE The Sabbath

Download from [mf] or [mg]
password:  tdats
With this compilation I have attempted to compile some tracks that were all released before 1970. I find this brief period in the late 60s fascinating and here are a few lesser-known bands who were playing hard around that time, along with a couple of tracks from well-known bands that fit into the sound.

01) Tucky Buzzard - Heartbreaker - 1969
02) Fuse - Show Me - 1968
03) Fields - Take You Home - 1969
04) Pulse - Hypnotized - 1969
05) The 31 Flavors - Distortions Of Darkness - 1969
06) Aguaturbia - Rollin And Tumblin - 1969
07) Gun - It Won't Be Long (Heartbeat) - 1968
08) Taste - Same Old Story - 1969
09) Mount Rushmore - Toe Jam - 1969
10) Cuby + Blizzards - Appleknockers - 1969
11) -
12) The Firebirds - No Tomorrows - 1969
13) Yesterdays Children - Hunter's Moon - 1969
14) Plus - Gluttony; Something Is Threatening Your Family - 1969

Cheers, Rich.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 14 compilation

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pass:  tdats
TDATS 14, another primordial concoction from the lost land of the rock dinosaurs. This one kicks off with the purplish hard prog of I Drive, a mainly english band who played and recorded in Germany. Bubble Puppy enters the frey with with some of the hardest riffing 60s psych there was, Riders Of The Mark is even older than that and while not heavy in the same sense, it has that oninous foreboding feeling that metal would use later on. Colosseum displays infectious groove that would be sampled by Fatboy Slim years later. Track 12 is the customary cover, this time sludge-punks Killdozer's 1989 cover of a James Gang classic. Canadian Neil Merryweather (also a founder of Mama Lion, on TDATS XI) finishes up with the entertaining mix of glam, metal, space rock and prog that he would make his own on his 'Space Ranger' and 'Kryptonite' albums.

01. I Drive - Down Down Down - 1972
02. Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke and Sassafras - 1969
03. Starz - Boys In Action - 1976
04. Riders Of The Mark - The Electronic Insides... - 1967
05. Colosseum - The Kettle - 1969
06. Neon Rose - Waiting For The Train - 1974
07. Asoka - Psykfoni For Ekogitarr Och Poporkester - 1971
08. Stud - Woman Like You - 1975
09. Hustler - Midnight Seducer - 1974
10. Solid Ground - Tell Me - 1976
11. Paris - Breathless - 1975
12. Killdozer - Funk #49 (James Gang cover) - 1989
13. Neil Merryweather - Sole Surviver - 1974

Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 13 compilation

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password:  tdats
TDATS13 Begins with some rock heavy prog from the Norwegian Flax, goes through the frenetic madness of Hungarians Skorpió. Track 11 is from a supergroup jam session featuring the likes of Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Paice, Tony Ashton and an as-yet unnamed singer. It finishes up with the excellent Aussie band Peeping Tom's (R.I.P.) cover of Gentle Giant and some unique jazzy grooves from the UK's Nucleus.

01. Flax - Leaving Home - 1975
02. Electric Food - Andy's Breakdown-Plantation - 1971
03. Crystal Haze - Flame - 1976
04. Skorpió - A Rohanás - 1974
05. Diamond REO - It's a Jungle Out There - 1976
06. Damnation of Adam Blessing - Nightmare - 1973
07. Crow - Heading North - 1970
08. Paternoster - Realization - 1972
09. Pinnacle - The Ripper - 1974
10. Painter - Slave Driver - 1973
11. Green Bullfrog - Who Do You Love - 1972
12. Room - No Warmth In My Life - 1970
13. Peeping Tom - Why Not (Gentle Giant cover) - 2001
14. Nucleus - Song for the Bearded Lady - 1971

Cheers, Rich

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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 12 compilation

Download from [mf] or [mg]
password:  tdats
Look out for Attila, some great keyboard-led lunacy with none other than a young rocking Billy Joel on keys! Japanese doom crushers Church of Misery cover a Sir Lord Baltimore classic, Master Heartache. Shinki Chen of Speed, Glue and Shinki was once touted as japan's answer to Hendrix. There is an interview with Troyka guitarist Robert Edwards here at Psychedelic Baby webzine.   Enjoy.

01. Bad Axe - Blues L.A. - 1976
02. Troyka - Natural - 1970
03. Bux - If You Want Love - 1976
04. Osanna - Lady Power - 1971
05. Shinki Chen - It Was Only Yesterday - 1971
06. Nazareth - Hard Living - 1974
07. White Witch - Auntie Christy Harlow - 1972
08. Andrew - Heathens - 1973
09. Brainticket - Watchin' You - 1972
10. Attila - Wonder Woman - 1970
11. Crushed Butler - Love Fighter - 1969
12. Ellison - Unchanged World - 1971
13. Church Of Misery - Master Heartache (Sir Lord Baltimore cover) - 2009
14. Christie - Martian King - 1971


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath XI compilation

Download from:  [mf] or [mg]
pass:  tdats
The 11th in the TDATS series. Featuring Mama Lion's powerful female vox, Tractor's progressive doom excellence, Chook and Fanny Adams' catchy Aussie grooves and a super group featuring Mountain's Leslie West & Corky Laing, and Cream's Jack Bruce no less. We also have the wonderfully obscure B.F. Trike, and The Ghost's awesome heavy folk. The cover of the week is Trouble's version of the classic Lucifer's Friend song Ride The Sky. Another great one I think! Here's a taster of Chook:

01. Mama Lion - Mr. Invitation - 1972
02. Tractor - All Ends Up - 1972
03. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - St. Anthony - 1972
04. Moloch - Mona - 1972
05. B.F. Trike - Time & Changes Six O Clock Sleeper - 1971
06. West, Bruce & Laing - Love Is Worth The Blues - 1972
07. Fanny Adams - Mid Morning Madness - 1971
08. Chook - Cold Feet - 1971
09. I Teoremi - Passi Da Gigante - 1972
10. Pan - If - 1970
11. Heavy Cruiser - Wonder Wheel - 1972
12. Babe Ruth - Wells Fargo - 1973
13. Trouble - Ride The Sky (Lucifer’s Friend cover) - 2006
14. The Ghost - Too Late To Cry - 1970

Thanks for listening!

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath X: Lonesome Tree

Download from [mf] or [mg]
Unzip password:  tdats
This one starts with gloriously groovy barn-stomer 'Lonesome Tree' from Rotterdam's Machine (tying in quite nicely with the cover art - which I only realised after) and then on to Youngstown, OH's Left End with their funky and aggressively-vocalled 'It's Over'.

Epitaph were a krautrock band that had a southern-rock sound. There is an interview with guitarist Cliff Jackson here at Psychedelic Baby webzine. New York's Valhalla enters the frey with some welcome hard-hammond heaviosity & there's an interview with guitarist Don Krantz here. Hannova's Jane are up next with some more excellent krautrock and Jukin' Bone, from Syracuse NY, step it up with 'See See Rider's bone-rattling boogie riffs. We move on to Norway for Titanic's sabbath-grinding sludge and then on to Massachusetts' amusingly-named Fat, who kick in with an appropriately 'fat' blues riff. (link) "Back in the '70s  Fat  was one of the most popular rock bands here in the Pioneer Valley, rivaled only in popularity by local notables Clean Living.

The band was formed in 1968 and the original lineup consisted of Guy DeVito on bass, Peter Newland on vocals, Bill "Benjie" Benjamin on drums, and Michael Benson, Jim Kaminski and Christopher Newland on guitar. Fat released its self-titled debut in 1970 on the RCA label and then went on to record an album for Atlantic Records before forming their own label.

"We were innovators in terms of indies," says bassist DeVito. "Our label, Dream Merchant Records, was probably one of the first independent labels."

The band toured for twelve straight years and went through various lineup changes before formally calling it quits in 1980.

Fat tries to hold yearly reunion concerts and last year set an attendance record of 5,000 when the group appeared in Springfield as part of the City Block series. It looked like there wasn't going to be a show in 2004, but at the last minute they pulled it together and are scheduled to give a special reunion performance at the Rt. 63 Roadhouse in Millers Falls on Sunday, June 13.

Guitarist Chris Newland is back from England, so group members wanted to get together to do a concert for their many fans in this area and figured that the Rt. 63 Roadhouse would be the perfect place. This show will feature four of the original players: DeVito, the Newland brothers and Benjamin.

"When I spoke by phone with my dear friend (and Fat guitarist) Christopher Newland in England," DeVito explains, "I learned that he would be visiting family stateside for a few days. His brother Peter is our frontman/vocalist and recently moved back to the area after living for many years in Nashville. Having 3/5 of the band in one place on the planet, myself included, I then called the Roadhouse to see if they would host an impromptu Fat show."

The folks at the Roadhouse were more than happy to host such an event and have scheduled a special barbeque for the occasion to begin at 4 p.m. Concert-goers will have a chance to attend a "meet and greet the band" session at this time. They will also be able to enjoy the barbeque, horseshoes, bocce ball, and croquet out on the beautiful lawn. The Roadhouse will have a special outdoor liquor license for the day. Come enjoy the fun. Tickets are $7 (which includes the barbeque) and are available in advance at the Rt. 63 Roadhouse or at the door."

Bienne's After Shave, another band with a hint of southern-rock, treat us to some Swiss chugg-a-lugga and California's Wildfire realeased the album Smokin' as a private-press in 1970, it has been unearthed and given the re-issue treatment by Rockadrome. Wizard, from Tampa, Florida, recorded one album in 1971 with an almost english NWOBHM feel, which comes across in Killing Time's stately intro.

In what seems to be becoming a regular addition, is some quality Italian wah madness, this time from Garybaldi. The comp ends on Aunt Mary's frantically ominous norwegian hard-prog and another contemporary cover from one of my favourite stoner bands, Sons of Otis' sludge-tastic take on Mountain's 'Mississippi Queen'.

01. Machine - Lonesome Tree (1970)
       from album 'machine'
02. Left End - It's Over (1974)
       from album 'spolied rotten'
03. Epitaph - Moving To The Country (1971)
       from album 'epitaph'
04. Valhalla - Hard Times (1969)
       from album 'valhalla'
05. Jane - Here We Are (1973)
       from album 'here we are'
06. Jukin' Bone - See See Rider (1970)
       from album 'way down east'
07. Titanic - Something On My Mind (1970)
       from album 'titanic'
08. Fat - Country Girl (1970)
       from album 'fat'
09. After Shave - Near The Sun (1972)
       from album 'skin deep'
10. Wildfire - Stars in The Sky (1970)
       from album 'smokin'
11. Wizard - Killing Time (1971)
       from album 'the original wizard'
12. Garybaldi - Maya Desnuda (1972)
       from album 'nuda'
13. Aunt Mary - Path Of Your Dream (1973)
       from album 'janus'
14. Sons Of Otis - Mississippi Queen [Mountain cover] (1999)
       from album 'templeball'

Cheers, Rich.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath IX

Download: [mf] or [mg]
pass:  tdats
Time for part IX of TDATS. On a roll here.
This kicks off with one of my favourite new discoveries, Boomerang's 'Juke It', led by Vanilla Fudge keyboardist Mark Stein, unfortunatley the rest of their album didn't quite match up but this one is top notch. Track 4 by Italian progsters Procession enters in an excellent fast metallic style and ends on a big fuzzed doom riff. I have included a Blue Cheer cover by one of my favourite australian bands, Thumlock and the comp ends with a Japanese heavy psych workout from Far Out which begins in excellent abstract doom.

01. Boomerang - Juke It - 1971
02. Saint-Preux - L'abime - 1972
03. Steel Mill - Blood Runs Deep - 1971
04. Procession - Uomini E Illusioni - 1972
05. Kalevala - In The Net - 1972
06. Hillow Hammet - Come With Me - 1969
07. Help - Oh My - 1971
08. Southern Cross - Harris Street - 1976
09. Tempest - Turn Around - 1974
10. Tarkus - Tempestad - 1972
11. Weed - Weed - 1971
12. Thumlock - Out Of Focus (Blue Cheer cover) - 2001
13. Far Out - Too Many People (edit) - 1973

Cheers! Rich

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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath VIII compilation

Download from [mf] or [mg]
password:  tdats
My 8th in the TDATS series, starting in the party spirit with Irish Coffee, making it's way through Råg i Ryggen's awesome swedish hard prog, all the way to Alabama Thunderpussy's cover of the Captain Beyond staple 'Can't Feel Nothing' and ending with the dark German krautrock of Dull Knife.

01. Irish Coffee - The Show, Part 2 - 1971
02. May Blitz - For Mad Men Only - 1971
03. Blackfeather - Gimme Shelter - 1971
04. Råg i Ryggen - Sanningsserum - 1975
05. Pax - Firefly - 1970
06. Rumplestiltskin - Squadron Leader Johnson - 1970
07. Julian Jay Savarin - Soldiers Of Time - 1971
08. Thundermother - Boogie Music - 1971
09. Dschinn - I Wanna Know - 1972
10. Floating Bridge - Watch Your Step - 1969
11. Pescado Rabioso - Algo Flota En La Laguna - 1972
12. Stray Dog - Crazy - 1973
13. Alabama Thunderpussy - Can't Feel Nothing (Captain Beyond cover) - 2000
14. Dull Knife - Plastic People - 1971

Cheers, Rich

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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 7: Rooms Behind Your Mind

Download from [mf] or [mg]
Unzip password:  tdats
Here is my 7th compilation in the Day After The Sabbath series. I have recently revamped it; using some better sound quality files and adding a write-up, so here we go!

Bedlam was a short-lived band that made one album in 1972. They included Cozy Powell and Dennis Ball, who both played together briefly in The Ace Kefford Stand and Big Bertha. Cozy was of course a well-known drummer, later to be  associated with acts like Black Sabbath, Rainbow, The Michael Schenker Group and Whitesnake. There is an interview with Bedlam's bass player here at Psychedelic Baby webzine.

Crank are an excellent obscurity that was unearthed by the wonderful Rockadelic records and if you like this (you will) then get the whole thing here (you should).

Variations were by far one of the most accomplished French bands I have discovered and also feature on the French Vol45. They pulled-off a great Led Zeppelin-inspired sound.

Geordie was a long-running Newcastle, UK band that was the springboard for AC/DC's Brian Johnson. They were more of a gritty boogie rock/blues band and 'So What' has killer slide guitar which I always have a soft spot for.

Killing Floor
Killing Floor made two albums in 69-70 and their lineup reads like a bit of a TDATS who's who; they included Mick Hawksworth (Andromeda), Michael "Mick" Clarke (Toe Fat) and Chris Sharley (Sassafras) amoungst other notable names.

Thirsty Moon were a Krautrock band formed in Bremen, northwest Germany and this comp's namesake 'Rooms Behind Your Mind' is slice of heavy prog in the best way possible; evil, jarring and in-human.

September started out as psych band from Amsterdam who made few a singles and later recorded an album called 'Cargo', with a harder rocking sound. They also have connections to Brainbox and the more successful symphonic/jazz proggers Ekseption. "After releasing some singles under the September name they decided they wanted to record an album. Their manager, John van Setten, thought it would be a good idea to not put a bandname on the cover to make the media curious who would be behind it and by this, hopefully sell more albums. Unfortunately it did not work. Nobody gave a damn apparently, and it sold very poorly, making it a very rare album nowadays." Also the band is now generally referred to as "Cargo" rather than September, because of this. Thanks to Mark for this info.

Fire are one of those blogger's faves that there seems to be little concrete info on, but they were eastern europen (maybe Croatian or Yugoslavian) and reputedly recorded and album in the Netherlands called 'Could You Understand Me'.  All you really need to know is it's a manic fuzz monster! [EDIT: recently there has been an interview with Fire guitarist Juraj Havidić here at the Psychedelic Baby webzine]
Iron Claw
Iron Claw don't need too much of an intro from me, suffice to say 'Rock Band Blues' rocks like hell and I have interviewed guitarist Jim Ronnie on this very blog here so take a gander.

Pappo's Blues was the love child of legendary Argentinian guitarist Norberto Napolitano (Pappo). If you haven't acquainted yourself with him yet you are seriously missing out, and taking a look at the south american Vol43 would be a great way to start...

Sunbury Festival 1972
San Francisco's Shiver and their sludgy fuzz-wah jams are TDATS / Blue Cheerful heaven and another great revelation from Rockadelic while Thunder And Roses were a similarly excellent obscurity re-issued by Lizzard records, these guys coming more from the Creamy heavy blues angle.

We end on another TDATS familiar, Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs. 'Time To Live' is taken from their "Aztecs Live! at Sunbury" double-LP which documents their storming performance at the historic Australian outdoor festival in Victoria.

01. Bedlam - Putting On The Flesh (1973)
       from album 'bedlam'
02. Crank - Give You My Love (1970)
       from split ep 'a night in the cave'
03. Variations - Generations (1970)
       from album 'nador'
04. Geordie - So What (1974)
       from album 'don't be fooled by the name'
05. Killing Floor - Out Of Uranus (1970)
       from album 'out of uranus'
06. Thirsty Moon - Rooms Behind Your Mind (1972)
       from album 'thirsty moon'
07. September - One More Change [demo] (1970)
       from retrospective 'cargo'
08. Fire - Could You Understand Me (1973)
       from album 'could you understand me'
09. Iron Claw - Rock Band Blues (1970)
       from retrospective 'iron claw'
10. Pappo's Blues - Especies (1971)
       from album 'pappo's blues'
11. Shiver - Up My Sleeve (1972)
       from retrospective 'san francisco's shiver'
12. Thunder And Roses - Open Up Your Eyes (1969)
       from album 'king of the black sunrise'
13. Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Time To Live (1972)
       from album 'aztecs live! at sunbury'

Thanks for listening! Rich.

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