Friday, December 18, 2009

The Day After The Sabbath compilation Vol 1

Part I of my compilation series, this is a great collection of the bands that got me interested in all these obscurities in the first place, so it is one of the best comps on the blog. You can't go wrong with any of these tracks, all heavy and all riff-tastic. If this is your intro to the blog you will not be dissapointed!

Cheers, Rich.

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99MB, 192kb/s

01. Captain Beyond - Mesmerization Eclipse - 1972
02. Carmen Maki & Blues Creation - Understand - 1970
03. Jerusalem - Primitive Man - 1972
04. Sir Lord Baltimore - Helium Head - 1970
05. Tear Gas - Woman For Sale - 1971
06. UFO - Prince Kajuku
07. Bloodrock - Melvin Laid An Egg - 1970
08. Ancient Grease - Women And Children First - 1970
09. Iota - Love Come Wicked - 1969
10. Night Sun - Living With The Dying - 1972
11. Bang - Humble - 1972
12. Buffalo - Sunrise - 1973
13. Leaf Hound - Freelance Fiend - 1971
14. Jericho - Kill Me With Your Love - 1972

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  1. That Captain Beyond is as good an opening track as "Freelance Fiend."

  2. Hell yes take your pick from that first Captain Beyond album, what an awesome thing from start to finish. Possibly my favourite obscurity ever (though I talk about it so much these days it doesn't feel obscure any more)

  3. It was one of my first favorite classic rock albums. Flows so well start to finish, lots of cool guitar parts.

  4. This great, like a heavier version of the Nuggets compilations.

  5. Awesome blog, thanx for the work !
    Congrats !

  6. Jericho and Night Sun are amazing! Everyone I know who was alive during the 60s and 70s are officially on my s**t list for not hooking me up with more good music.

  7. Hey thanks! Well most of these bands would not have been well-known to many back then even.

    Really they have been the preserve of record collectors, until the power of the net opened them to the world.

  8. Great good selection !


  9. yes great, thanks! /åsa

  10. Dave from downunderNovember 16, 2011 at 3:02 PM

    Great blog mate,i will start at Vol 1 and keep going. CHEERS i owe you a few beers

  11. Great Blog,this is going to keep me going for a while. Any idea where i can get the Night Sun album from?

  12. Scrol up.... it's on this blog:

  13. Smoke a "Zeppelin- sized" doobie, kick back and jam out! Thanks for the post.

  14. I rarely feel motivated to comment, but I gotta say this blog is quite extraordinary. Thanks!

  15. excellent blog,rich. first time that I download a comp of this blog. discover great song from underground of heavy rock or traditional heavy metal :). thanks.

  16. Great blog! Great comps! Just what I've been looking for. Thanks for all the work and thought putting these together.