Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 13 compilation

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password:  tdats
TDATS13 Begins with some rock heavy prog from the Norwegian Flax, goes through the frenetic madness of Hungarians Skorpió. Track 11 is from a supergroup jam session featuring the likes of Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Paice, Tony Ashton and an as-yet unnamed singer. It finishes up with the excellent Aussie band Peeping Tom's (R.I.P.) cover of Gentle Giant and some unique jazzy grooves from the UK's Nucleus.

01. Flax - Leaving Home - 1975
02. Electric Food - Andy's Breakdown-Plantation - 1971
03. Crystal Haze - Flame - 1976
04. Skorpió - A Rohanás - 1974
05. Diamond REO - It's a Jungle Out There - 1976
06. Damnation of Adam Blessing - Nightmare - 1973
07. Crow - Heading North - 1970
08. Paternoster - Realization - 1972
09. Pinnacle - The Ripper - 1974
10. Painter - Slave Driver - 1973
11. Green Bullfrog - Who Do You Love - 1972
12. Room - No Warmth In My Life - 1970
13. Peeping Tom - Why Not (Gentle Giant cover) - 2001
14. Nucleus - Song for the Bearded Lady - 1971

Cheers, Rich

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  1. I think you've officially made a comp that contains ALL new songs to me.

    I love the weirdness of Flax, so it'll be great hearing more from them; I've been hoping you'd cover the Damnation Of; a Crow song that ISN'T "Evil Woman"!; Green Bullfrog!; and a song by Electric Food that I haven't heard (I love the vocals in "Nervous Creek."

    Never heard any of these, thank you dude, keep it going strong!

  2. Cheers again zisch.....i've actually been asked to DJ by a stoner band on one of their nights on the strength of these comps....great things happen from all this geekery....have you got any more in the pipeline? Listenig to your bowlfull inspired me to finish TDATS14 tonight.

  3. Wasn't planning anything, I'm letting you and Shanka take the wheel. I'm gonna have to listen to plenty of full albums before I have enough deep cuts to fill a CD of new stuff.

    Metalhead Jay on sr.com needs to do his late 70's hard rock comp, though, with the heavier Styx and Kansas cuts.

    Kansas' "Mysteries and Mayhem" would be tops.

  4. Rich is the best in heavy compilations
    Theres a lot to Explore in the 60/70 s obscure heavy rock

  5. Please visit my facebook page Rock of Ages to publish fine youtube songs to promote the heavy rock 60/70s like Rich is coming all those yeard
    Cmhats off to him