Friday, May 14, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 21: Uluru Rock (Australia)

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[Also see Vol80 for a new Aussie comp] TDATS number 21 "Uluru Rock" features Australian bands, and one from New Zealand slipped in too. Due to the size and remoteness of the Austalasian scene, and the remoteness between the cities of Australia themselves, It was hard for bands to network and find support to progress. Many of these tracks are from singles. Lots of the bands, like Chook, never had the opportunities to produce a full album. I have used their track in a previous comp, but thought it should be put in here as it's a perfect candidate for the theme and also I have managed to find a far better quality version. Fanny Adams appears again with a new track, showing their appealing take on driving simple hard blues riffs that hook into you like Free do.

Rabbit feature none other than the original singer of AC/DC; Dave Evans, and another band that only produced a single, 'The Ash', have two songs joined here as I think they are equally great, being some of the heaviest sabbath-styled stuff I have found from Oz at the time. NZ's Ticket offer an uplifting psych anthem to individuality and Coloured Balls (a name that surely shows the Aussies' bawdy humour) start with a meaty riff and ends the comp on a contemplative note, as does the moody final track from Master's Apprentices.

01. Flake - Breadalbane (1974)
02. Buffalo - 'Til My Death (1973)
03. Bakery - No Dying In The Dark (1971)
04. Long Grass - Anywhere You Wanna Go (1967)
05. Rabbit - Dinosaur - (1975)
06. Southern Cross - What I Am Waiting For (1976)
07. Chook - Cold Feet (1971)
08. Fanny Adams - Ain't No Loving Left (1971)
09. The Ash - Warrant / Midnight Witch (1971)
10. Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - No More War (1973)
11. Ticket - Awake (1972)
12. Coloured Balls - Human Being (1973)
13. Master's Apprentices - Games We Play Part 2 (1971)

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  1. Someone has to say it... Ticket was from New Zealand. ;)

  2. Ehh, it's all the same.. : D

    Awesome looking comp, been waiting for this for weeks!

  3. I will edit the blurb! Cheers Zischkale, I reckon you'll like it, every track is killer!

  4. Thanks a lot, r0b0c0p! Can't wait to hear this ...

  5. Richard D. BartlettMay 23, 2010 at 3:25 AM

    This is so dope

  6. soundtrack to my boyhood in Perth - chemically enhanced... now further embellished.

  7. Been looking for the Ash song forever. Thanks for all these great comps!

  8. Hey Richard
    Thought I'd repay the compliment and pop over to take a look at your blog - nice work mate (great concept).
    Of course, I homed in on this Aussie comp straight away and although I do have most of these tracks already the Ash tracks are not in my collection - so thanks for the share.
    I have linked your blog with mine, so expect some hungry, rock hard surfers to call in, lookin' for their next fix!

    1. Hey man, cheers! I did this some time ago, it really deserves a better write-up than I was doing back then. Anyhows, I am just working on a second Aussie comp and just tonight in fact I think I finally have enough for another hour of top quality Oz heaviness so keep an eye on here, it may be the next one...
      Check this out... phenomenal:

    2. Looking forward to your next Aussie comp Rich

      Enjoyed Chris Malcolm's - "Hurt, Love and Fire" as suggested and would love to hear the flip side "Trip On Life"

      If anyone has "Trip On Life", please. please share it.