Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 25: Cantrips [Scotland special]

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can·trip  (kntrp)
1. Scots; A magic spell; a witch's trick.

TDATS 25 features Scottish bands. A selection of The Pictish nation's finest vintage rock practitioners. Iron Claw shouldn't be too much of a mystery by now, they were a band who seems to have shown great promise, picking up on the Sabbath sound very early and matching it in places with undeniable talent, unfortunatley luck was not on their side and they have only recently had an official release, after years of lurking in bootleg limbo. Bodkin play some great dark prog and Iron Virgin peddled some good glam with decent heaviness (and a hilarious image). Holocaust are here as a late entry, I was looking for late-70s NWOBHM and really had a tough time finding Scottish examples, until I found Holocaust, who formed in 1977. The band on track 11 were a pop group who on occasion delved into heavier territory and "Í've been around too long" is a great track. Many thanks to the various knowledgable people at,, and for their insight which has helped me research these bands.

01. Tentacle - Intro (1971)
02. Iron Claw - Straight Jacket (1972)
03. Bodkin - Plastic Man (1972)
04. The Human Beast - Reality Presented as an Alternative (1970)
05. Iron Virgin - Shake That Fat (1974)
06. Soho Orange - Nightmare (1971)
07. Tentacle - Tentacle (1971)
08. Writing On The Wall - It Came On A Sunday (1969)
09. Forever More - Promises of Spring (1970)
10. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - The Faith Healer (1973)
11. Light of Darkness - Freedom Fight (1971)
12. Tear Gas - Where Is My Answer (1971)
13. Holocaust - Out Of My Book (1980)
14. Marmalade - I've Been Around Too Long (1971)
15. Tentacle - Epitaph (1971)

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  1. You're nailing these country-themed comps! Can't wait to check this one out, keep up the good work.

  2. Me too ... Can't wait to listen to this new killer chapter ... Thanks!

  3. Cheers guys, thanks for the motivations! more to come!

  4. hey man, great blog! i'm not so into metal but if it's from 60s it gotta sound good! i also run music blog about 60s and 70s psych/prog/blues rock so check it out ;D

    oh yeah, and I love ozzy sabbath ;D

  5. That Human Beast song is becoming a favorite. And you gotta love the Iron Virgin!!

  6. Just another couple of Scottish suggestions, Clear Blue Sky were a good little early 70's Hard Rock act and Stone The Crows deserve a mention too, a very versatile band with some Heavy moments, a stunning singer and a great guitarist too.
    For Scottish NWOBHM look no further than Hazard who released a good little 7" called "Snake In The Grass". Also see Chasar, Pallas, Hologram, Abel Ganz, Trident, Glasgow, and Heavy Pettin'.
    And let's not forget that AC/DC were predominantly Scottish, with both Young Brothers and Bon Scott all born in Jock-land.
    Overall, a very nice compilation, thank you!

  7. Oh, and i somehow forgot Nazareth, check out the track "Razamanaz"!