Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 26

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Volume 26 of TDATS features a collection of straight out rocking tracks with a few famous individuals. Track 1 is hard rock with prog, Far East Family Band (formerly called 'Far Out') play some great mellow but groovy Floydish space rock. Black Sheep included Lou Gramm and Armageddon were a supergroup with drummer Bobby Caldwell (Captain Beyond), singer Keith Relf (Yardbirds/Renaissance), guitarist Martin Pugh (Steamhammer), and bassist Louis Cennamo (Renaissance/Steamhammer). One St. Steven is the work of Don L. Patterson, a one man band, who originally intended the music to be on a soundtrack to a movie that was never finished. On track 11 we have a cover of a Cactus classic, and Arthur Brown's varied space rock opus 'Come Alive'.

01. Young Man (1973)
02. Oda - Gabriel (1972)
03. Strife - Magic Of The Dawn (1975)
04. Far East Family Band - Timeless (1975)
05. Alkana - On Our Own (1977)
06. Black Sheep - Far Side Of The Sun (1975)
07. Armageddon - Last Stand Before (1975)
08. One St. Stephen - You May Be Religious/Junkies Lament (1975)
09. Dryewater - Winterground (1974)
10. Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You (1971)
11. Monster Magnet - Evil (Is Going On) [Cactus cover] (1993)
12. Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - Come Alive [edit] (1973)

Cheers, Rich.
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  1. Finally some Atomic Rooster! Looks like good stuff, just got back from vacation with the last two DATS volumes.

    Cooking up something of my own, will be careful not to duplicate any tracks, and hope to make it a great one!

    Can't wait to hear this!

  2. Het cheers Zisch. At last some more from your good self! Good Vac? I just did some travelling through Norway, stunning country.

  3. Vacationed in Colorado, about the pinnacle of natural beauty in the States. Scenic train routes in Norway?

    Check out this Heavy comp:


  4. Went jogging in the country at night with this comp. Was creepy stuff, the Far East track sounded like the dance of the freakin' phantoms or somethin'.

    All good tracks, I especially dig that Strife and the epic (seriously) glam rocker by Alkuna!

    The Arthur Brown is really cool stuff, too--did you do the edit on it (and on "Far Out", for that matter)?

  5. Hey man, thanks! Yeah I did the edits on Far Out and Arthur Brown. Sometimes long experimental tracks can sound a bit out of place in a compilation, out of the context of their album, but sometimes it's good to include them still, with a judicious edit. Yeah Far East Family Band are something else eh?

  6. † Electric Sabbath †August 15, 2010 at 4:54 PM

    In fact everybody need listen this beatiful compilation like others btw dudes, a lot of great bands here Styx, Oda, Armageddon, black sheep , Atomic Rooster pure heavy/hard progressive love this compilation cheers!