Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crank - A Night In The cave (US Hard Rock)

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Crank is partly the reason this blog exists. I first heard it last year after Ogmonster and Kismeth posted it on I was so impressed ('Don't Push Me Away' is a stand-out) I was inspired to make my own compilations, evolving into this blog.

It rekindled a woefully neglected interest in obscure rock that I developed some years earlier, after finding uploads by 'ChrisGoesRock'. He ripped a huge rare rock vinyl collection and shared it with the world in the early 2000's when torrent sites were just emerging, introducing me to amazing albums by bands like Sir Lord Baltimore, Bang, Captain Beyond and Leaf Hound. I made a bunch of tape compilations for myself and friends, the rest is history as they say.

It's the b-side of a split LP, featuring the bands 'Thump Theater' and 'Crank'. It's not clear when it was recorded (69-71 approx) or what became of the bands.
Here's a description I have found on a few mail-order sites:
"Heavy-rock with progressive touch, split lp unearthed by the rockadelic label featuring ultra-rare underground 70s hard rock sounds (c. 1971) with one side by each band. these tapes came from the cavern sound studios (stoned circus, bulbous creation, phantasia, trizo 50); the crank tape had ‘zep jr.’ written on the box, which is pretty accurate frame of reference. Thump Theater offers a more progressive rock sound with some good guitar breaks and catchy lyrics. last copies from a long gone edition from 1997 of around 600 copies."
As for Crank's music, it's consistently heavy, tightly played energetic hard blusey rock, packed with sharp riffs. Owing a debt to Led Zep no doubt, but with it's own brand of aggression it stands on it's own merit as the sound of a young and extremely talented band that could have gone on greater success. The final track regresses slightly in to standard blues-rock, but this is eminently forgivable, acknowledging the influences this music emerged from. This really deserves to be on here, so ENJOY!

01. Let Go
02. Give You My Love
03. Want You Back
04. Don't Push Me Away
05. N F T B

Cheers, Rich


  1. fucken awesome Rich.

    goddamn if 'Don't Push Me Away' isn't the total shit. song of the bloody year!!!

    thanks for helping to keep real music alive bro...

  2. "Give You My Love" is really killer stuff.

  3. Thanks guys, glad you dig it. I think all the tracks are ace, with a dip on the last one, not that it's terrible, it's just standard blues and nowhere near as rocking as the others. I'd love to hear a full album from these guys, alas it will never be :(

  4. I just ordered it on vinyl, I'll reproduce what the liner notes say if there's anything of interest there...

  5. Cheers for this one, Rich! Been wanting to hear this for quite some time. Where'd you pick up a vinyl copy?

  6. Thanx 4 sharing..

    Crank reminds me of Grand Theft, another underground Zep influenced band.

    I hated this album when it was new cause I compared it to the other more heavier Rockadelics but it's a keeper.

  7. † Electric Sabbath †October 2, 2010 at 4:39 PM


  8. Cheers guys! Crotch, I bought the lp at

  9. Hi folks, any chance of a post of the Thump Theater side?

  10. Was Crank based in Washington DC? I think I remember them.

  11. I saw a Crank in Washington DC!!!! I've been looking for them. I was just visiting from Michigan and always wondered about them

  12. I heard a Crank in Washington DC when visiting from Michigan in the 60's. Always wanted to hear them again.

  13. I saw a Crank in Washington DC!!!! I've been looking for them. I was just visiting from Michigan and always wondered about them

    1. The band Crank that was based in the Washington D.C. area was an amazing band. This thread may not be referring to the same band. Many many people have wondered why they never went national. They were certainly good enough. The guitarist, Geoff Richardson, was one of only two musicians in my life to give me chills when seeing them play. Their bass player, Johnny Castle, is still playing music professionally, and is highly regarded. Seeing the band was an experience that will not be forgotten. My first experiences seeing them was at a club in Georgetown called The Emergency. No alcohol allowed, so anyone could partake in the experience of seeing first rate bands like Crank, Grin, Claude Jones, etc.

    2. Rich AfterSabbathApril 10, 2017 at 1:46 PM

      Thanks. I don't thihnk Johnny Castle's band is the same band. In fact, I don't think Crank is the real name of this band....the tapes were found without a name so we might never know who this really is unlezs they or someone else who knows come forward