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The Day After The Sabbath 28: Thor's Hammer [Nordic pt.1]

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The Day After The Sabbath 28: Thor's Hammer [Nordic 1] by Rich Aftersabbath on Mixcloud

Volume 28 of TDATS: Thor's Hammer, features bands from Scandinavia and related Nordic countries (Edit: Since doing this I have also made 72: Denmark | 81: Norway | 75: Sweden | 88: Finland | 124: Iceland). As we know, they have an awesome track record in heavy music, their dedication, seemingly instinctive musical talent and made-for-metal cultural heritage will continue to amaze.

01. Trúbrot (Iceland) - I. Forleikur / What We Believe In (1970)
02. Blues Addicts (Denmark) - 5/4 (1970)
03. Apollo (Finland) - Ajatuksia (1970)
04. Høst (Norway) - Samhold (1974)
05. Trettioåriga Kriget (Sweden) - Röster Från Minus Till Plus (1974)
06. Rhapsody (Sweden) - Strange Vibrations (1978)
07. Sume (Greenland) - Nye Tider (1973)
08. Moses (Denmark) - Changes (1971)
09. Plebb (Sweden) - Tankar Om Natten (1979)
10. Råg i Ryggen (Sweden) - Det kan väl inte vara farligt (1975)
11. Shaggy (Sweden) - Destination Nowhere (1975)
12. Hurdy Gurdy (Denmark) - Spaceman / Improv (1971)

Trúbrot kick off the proceedings, one of Iceland's foremost rock bands from the late 60s, they played many styles and had some decent heaviness here and there. Blues Addicts introduce themselves with some nice honest heavy blues, lead vocalist and guitarist Ivan Horn later joined C.V. Jørgensen amongst many other "big" Danish bands. Apollo, who were mostly made up from members of the popular Finnish band Topmost, play some loose psych with doom feel.

Høst have featured on previous comps, a very talented Norwegian band who's heavy prog often veered into NWOBHM-like territory, well before it's inception. I really like the Trettioåriga Kriget track here, it's an involved piece with some jarring time-changes that I can imagine experimental metal bands like Meshuggah having fun covering. Rhapsody are a good example of where metal was heading towards the late 70s with the rise of bands like Judas Priest. Sume offer a chilled track for a pleasant half-time breather before the compilation ploughs to the end with some nice Sabbathy doom from Moses and more awesome prog showmanship from Råg i Ryggen.

Thanks for listening.

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  1. You are unstoppable!!!! Thanks a lot, Rich!

  2. Cheers Mari, tell me what you think!

  3. Rich, I dig it a lot!
    It's quite dynamic and "fast".
    Basically it's a concentrate of what I generally like to pick out of the old albums when I listen to them.

    I must say in general I'm biased towards the relatively faster tracks (no matter whether with bluesy, garage, prog or jazz signature) and I tend to leave too melodic and slow songs. An exception is proto-doom, that I massively love. So that track by Moses is sooo great!
    I have a few of these albums you used, but there's much else to discover.
    So, again, thanks!

  4. Moses is a great one, and I'm excited about this Trettioåriga Kriget!

  5. Thanks a lot for this one!

  6. I LOVE THIS BLOG. I'm in heaven. Thanks so much for your efforts.

  7. Nice one! Even though I am from Sweden and have a big interest in seventies rock I had only heard of Trettiåriga kriget and Höst of these bands. The tracks from Shaggy, Råg i Ryggen and Rhapsody are all great!

    Is there any chance you will upload the albums Strange Vibration by Rhapsody and/or Råg i Ryggens selftitled? I can't find them anywhere, neither for download or buying.

  8. Great blog!

    btw other great finnish bands: wigwam, tasavallan presidentti and tabula rasa. I guess they are more prog...

    oh yeah and kingston wall! even tho kingston wall was a 90's band they had some 60s-70s "ingredients" in their sound. (Hendrix cover)

  9. Msg me if you want this one........Rich

  10. Great blogage! Would love this download!

  11. Great! Thanks

  12. Essential band:
    You dont forget this ICELAND band

    1. Thanks, Icecross will appear later...