Friday, October 21, 2011

The Day After The Sabbath 53: I Was Alone

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Volume 53 is another general collection of great tracks from my travels through the vaults. It does so happen that all these are from the US though....

Liquid Smoke were a Long Island, New York group that made one great album in 1970, one highlight of which is this hard rock/psych crossover track "Lookin' For Tomorrow". Another NY band, "Elephants Memory", had a long and interesting career, at one time backing John Lennon and Yoko Ono on "Some Time In New York City" and "Approximately Infinite Universe". They recorded the crazy track "Mongoose" during their hard rockin' phase and actually had quite a hit with it.

Bohemian Vendetta were yet another NY group, they had a difficult start, going through three different names, "Like Stoned" was their first ever demo and immediately showcased their peculiarly heavy psych with pounding drums. Zerfas were an Indianapolis, Indiana outfit who created some unusual music laden with sound effects, and they hit on their best formula with the stark lyrics of "You Never Win". Macabre were no less than an early incarnation of Pentagram, but Bobby Liebling's usual vagueness regarding the beginnings of the band make it hard to know exactly when or by whom this great track "Be Forewarned" was recorded. It does show a markedly different "heavy psych" sound compared to the Stone Bunny or Pentagram recordings.

Sandston, Virginia's Short Cross made one 1971 album, "Arising", showing some surprisingly accomplished and well structured hard rock/blues with frantic horns, and Dallas's The Exotics made some stabbingly heavy psych in 1968 with this volume's title track, "I Was Alone". In 1971 Texan psych band the Playboys of Edinburg changed their name to Poe and created a very cool concept album called "Up Thru The Spiral", the album chronicles the life and thoughts of Edgar Cayce, a man who could put himself into some kind of self-induced sleep state to traverse space and time. Sundance were a West Coast Rock band that put one rocker "Chico Woman" on their sole s/t album from 1971.

Three Dog Night may be familiar to you with a fair few hits under their belt, mostly cover versions (I found them originally via their Hoyt Axton "The Pusher" cover) but this little hard-rocking groovy instrumental is by far my favourite track of theirs, and following them we have none other than James Gang/Deep Purple Guitarist Tommy Bolin, with his 2nd apperance since #49 and a heavy number from his 1976 album "Private Eyes". Leo & The Prophets take us on one final heavy 60's psych trip with "Tilt-A-Whirl" before a very early and, you'll find, surprising harder-rocking closer "Dead At Last".

Track List:

01. Liquid Smoke - Lookin' For Tomorrow (1970)
02. Elephant's Memory - Mongoose (1970)
03. Bohemian Vendetta - Like Stoned (1966)
04. Zerfas - You Never Win (1973)
05. Macabre - Be Forewarned (1971)
06. Short Cross - Wastin' Time (1972)
07. The Exotics - I Was Alone (1968)
08. Poe - Automatic Writing / Sons Of Belial (1971)
09. American Eagle - On The Rack (1970)
10. Sundance - Chico Woman (1971)
11. Three Dog Night - Fire Eater (1971)
12. Tommy Bolin - Shake The Devil (1976)
13. Leo & The Prophets - Tilt-A-Whirl (1967)
14. Dead At Last (1971)

Thanks for listening! Rich


  1. Most all of it's new to me, love the surprise cuts of Three Dog Night and REO Speedwagon! Everybody seemed to have a heavy phase at some point.

    Also, best track from "First Daze Here"!! Good calls!

  2. I love this Blog of yours and the TDATS series. Awesome. Best ole hard rock blog on the Net right now. I cannot get enough of it. When I saw this new one spring up I was so excited. Keeps me busy listening to all the new stuff I've somehow missed. Been listening to this music for over 40 years. Keep up the GREAT work ! PS- what happened to the The Doom time forgot, I liked that also

  3. Never thought Id have REO Speedwagon on my IPOD, great comp!Love the Three Dog Night too, another surprise. Also enjoying the Zerfas and Short Cross.Your Compilations are consistantly entertaining, and excellently, well... compiled!

  4. If only my internet connection was faster, so that I could download all the samplers. Just a brilliant idea!!!

    Btw: I would be delighted to make a link-exchange.

    Cheers from Germany

  5. Tilt-a-Whirl was one of the first '60s garage songs I ever heard, played on a local college radio station in about 1985/86 when I was still in high school... it certainly got me interested in the genre! GREAT blog, I just found it & I'm greedily grabbing comps... thanks so much!

  6. You have Tommy Bolin's name correct in the track listing, but you have him as "James Bolin" in the text. Thanks for all the great tunes!

    1. THanks man, fixed. Glad you're enjoying the music :)