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The Day After The Sabbath 70: School Daze [heavy 45s pt.1]

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After the ethereal diversions of vol69, we jump straight back into the heaviness with a collection of rough and raw singles from the heavy psych glory period around 1966-72.

Message, Maternal Joy and Blackbird 2000 are all german bands from the Krautrock era, Maternal Joy was to change it's name soon after, releasing a string of great albums as "Nine Days' Wonder". The Lions Of Juda were an Israeli band, the only other I know being The Churchills (aka Jericho). 'Attack' play some amazing heavy garage punk a la MC5 or The Up, and Stumpwater is a canadian curio, apparently only releasing one song as a split single with an excitingly-named duo called 'Ronnie and Natalie'.

Avalanche, with Norman's great hammond playing, was an alternative name for The Norman Haines Band which I used once before on Vol40, and "Crowd + 1" features Dean Parks on guitar. He is a famous session musician from Fort Worth, Tx, and has played with Sonny and Cher, Crosby and Nash, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, The Monkees, America, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, Bob Seger, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, David Lee Roth, Paul Simon and B.B. King. He also cropped up on the brass rock Vol60 with 'Jeff Sturges and Universe' where you can read some more about him. The Seeds were a popular LA band in the mid-sixties and didn't make a lot of heavy tracks but this one from the later 'Sky Saxon and The Seeds' period more than makes up for it! Conception play an awesome Blue Cheer cover with some great guitar phasing and Ruperts People was a psuedonym for British psychers 'The Fleur de Lys'.

Next up is the freaky bonehead rock of Ohio's Spontaneous Corruption who unfortunately never recorded anything else. The Wire Machine was a one-demo rarity that played some great stoner groove on 'The Doves 1944' and "Neil Ford & The Fanatics" have a super tight and speedy garage psych single from Houston, Tx: "I Can't Believe", they did manage to get an album out on the Hickory label too. Finally we have a real mystery from the band 'Crossfield'. This track has driven me bananas, i really think it's one of the best things I've ever found but have been unable to find out what year it actually was or anything else about it. Please help out if you can! 1969 is my best estimate from the scant information found so far - it may start out innocuously enough with that nice sixties fuzz lead riff but by the time you get to the end you'll see what I mean, it goes waaaaay beyond......

Track List:
01. Message - Smile (1971)
02. The Lions Of Juda - Katja (1969)
03. Maternal Joy - Fat (1971)
04. Blackbirds 2000 - Let's Do It Together (1970)
05. Stumpwater - Turn Me On Woman (1972)
06. Avalanche - Rabbits (1971)
07. Attack - School Daze (1969)
08. Conception - Babylon (Blue Cheer cover) (1968)
09. The Wire Machine - The Doves 1944 (1969)
10. Neal Ford & The Fanatics - I Can't Believe (1966)
11. The Seeds - You Took Me By Surprise (1972)
12. Crowd + 1 - Don't Hold Back (1968)
13. Spontaneous Corruption - Freaky Girl (1968)
14. Rupert's People - Hold On (1967)
15. Crossfield - Take It (1969)

Thanks for listening! Rich.

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  1.'s like you writin' this from memory, throwing all these names in a 300 word liner of crackin' history. Cool, you put 'The wire machine' on...I've been jamming along that track since you left it on Toby's wall. What a find !! The Seeds, YES, there's quite an interesting story to those guys...will check the rest out soon !! many thanks to you !! -M.

  2. I love this stuff !! I follow your TDATS blog religiously. Great job on all of these, keep on rockin !


  3. The verses in "Freaky Lady" by Spontaneous Corruption remind me of "Suicide" by Stray, a little bit. Even the type of rough voice.

    This kind of songs, connecting Garage with Proto Metal are very interesting for me!

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Again you manage to do something incredible, what a fantastic comp.

  5. ✟ Electric Sabbath ✟June 5, 2012 at 11:41 PM

    Awesome Compilation man!

  6. Thanks for putting together another fantastic comp. The Crowd +1 is great.

  7. Excellent choice, man! Thanks for the post.

  8. This is absolutely a gem!

  9. Yes! This is just what the Doctor ordered. Doctor Rock, of course.

  10. Hey Rich, my husband played guitar on the Conception Babylon cover and he wrote the B-side. He hadn't heard it in 40 years. Can you put The Game up on YouTube? Thanks! Teresa in Ky

    1. I'm glad to be of service! I don't have The Game but I shall look for it. Tell your husband he's awesome! Rich.