Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Festivities, and Happy 3rd Birthday To TDATS

No comp here, just a quick thanks to everyone who has been listening and supporting the blog since I started it in 2009. It continues to go from strength to strength and you can expect more of the same from me. Don't be afraid to make suggestions either; join up in the Face Book group or email me at:

Have a rockin' holiday and look after yourselves. Cheers, Rich.


  1. rich, you're a badass!
    who first rocked out fuzz and distortion with busted up amplifier speakers?? could be a good day before the sabbath!

  2. Thanks for al the great comp's, have a nice X-sabbath and rockin'new-year!!

  3. how about some French music? Or Italian? Or Austria?

    Anyway, take care

    1. I have done a French one (Vol45) and an Italian one (Vol37), I will do more, and I will certainly do an Austian one, Thanks for the suggestions.

  4. see you next year!!!


  5. Cheers for your stellar hard work!
    All the best for 2013!