Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tony Bourge (of Budgie) recent radio interview

DJ Andy Fox with Tony Bourge
(l-r) DJ Andy Fox with Tony Bourge
Here's a recent interview with Budgie guitarist Tony Bourge, recorded for a community radio station in Bristol, south-west England. Tony talks about the past and his new recordings. You can download the whole thing in mp3 and here's the blurb: Without doubt a very special Rockshow this week as ex-Budgie guitarist, the man who committed that legendary “Breadfan” riff (and so many more!) to vinyl, Tony Bourge joins Andy Fox in the GTFM Rockshow studio to talk about his days in one of Wales’ finest ever bands and introduce tracks from his long time coming solo album “Crank It Up“. The link with mp3/podcast download is over at the GTFM blog. Happy listenin'

For those that don't know, Budgie, from Cardif, Wales, was one the other early hard rock/metal bands that was there right at the beginning along with Sabbath, Led Zep and all the others. Covered by the likes of Soundgarden, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, and with songs like 1973's Breadfan their place in history is secured......
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  1. I am glad I found this site. It has a led me to some "obscure" but great music.

  2. I just want to add that looking through here I really liked the African selection. I live and work in Ghana. I had no idea Zambia rocked so hard in the 1970s. A suggestion for a foreign rock band from the 1970s is the Korean Psychedelic trio San Ul Lim. I didn't see much about Asian bands here. Before moving to Africa I lived and worked in Kyrgyzstan for a number of years.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I do have a few tracks for a south-east asian comp but it's a hard scene to find out about, especially if you can't read the languages!

  3. This interview was pretty poor and a wasted opportunity in my eyes. He doesn't do justice to the music and the incredible impression Budgie made on the rock/metal scene. I am a radio presenter myself and I will contact Tony to see if he would like to be interviewed on my rock show. Naturally, I will notify the group and open the floor to questions. I am a big fan of his work and it will be an honour to speak to him.