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The Electric Lounge of Aural Ecstasy - A Day After The Sabbath In 1975

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On Saturday 8th of February 2014, Scott Sroka (aka DJ Cheesus) and co-host Star Gazer dedicated an 'Electric Lounge of Aural Ecstasy' show on Core of Destruction Radio and The Razor KXRZ to music from 1975 (the year of Scott's birth) that has featured on this blog. In this download I have included the entire show, in three parts of around an hour each.

Scott and Star Gazer
Scott and Star Gazer
Scott, currently living in São Paulo, Brazil, has been presenting on Core of Destruction for a couple of years, and now also on The Razor KXRZ. He was a contributor to the excellent stoner rock community blog 'Sludge Swamp', that sadly closed its doors a while ago. Sludge Swamp helped me out in making a name for TDATS back when I started doing this, and also hosted demos for a few of the New Zealand bands that are joined up on the forum I started up when I was over there:

Scott broadcasts his show on a weekly basis, full details of which can be found here. He covers all eras of rock and metal with a different theme each week. He also maintains his own blog where he posts all his previous shows as podcasts and soundclouds, and has a Facebook group here.

The next TDATS comp is well under way, and will be dedicated to bands that centred on the violin, or used some nice heavy riffin' violin in their tunes.

Thanks for listening, and thanks Scott!

Part 1
Sanningsserum - Råg i Ryggen
Born Of The Wind - Cain
Breathless - Paris
Student's Idyll - Arktis
Broken Dreams - Angel
Boogimmick - Philippe Besombes
Drug Song - Janko Nilović
Speedball Morning - Tyla Gang
Burnin' Whiskey - Ruby Starr And Grey Ghost
Todos Rien De Mi - Agamenon
You May Be Religious / Junkies Lament - One St. Stephen
Can't You See - Raven
Dinosaur - Rabbit

Part 2
On The Run - Albatross
Destination Nowhere - Shaggy
30 Seconds Over Tokyo - Rocket from the Tombs
Y Gwylwyr - Brân
Biska 2 - Smak
Mikä Yö - Finnforest
Tecolote - Link Wray
Nipponjin - Far East Family Band
Liberdade Espacial - Casa das Máquinas
Electro Rock - Simply Saucer
Electric Silence - Dzyan
Reunion - Mariah

Part 3
Mover - Bullet
Neighbourhood - Schloss
Havoc - Witch
Land Of 1000 Nights - Mahogany Rush
Lady Of The Night - Fable
Night Birds - Neon Rose
Star Rider - Neil Merryweather
Face Of The Sun - Warlord
Far Side Of The Sun - Black Sheep
Let It Freeze - Zipper
6 Times - Ronnie and Natalie
Eu Não Sei de Nada - O Peso
Music's Gotta Stay - Sweet Toothe
Exit - After Life

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