Tuesday, December 16, 2014

TDATS 105: Coming Back Up

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I have added an extra track to Volume 105, the 'Going Down' covers special. This is another version of the song that Don Nix recorded, for radio. If you haven't listened to this volume yet, now would a great time to do so. In the clip, Don himself says that he wrote the song for Elvis Presley, who did not record it, and then says that Freddie King did. So, even Don does not acknowledge Moloch as being the first act to record it. Poor old Moloch! Well, this blog being a shrine to the Underdog, we salute you!
Read the update and download here: http://www.aftersabbath.com/2014/08/the-day-after-sabbath-105-goin-down.html
You can download the additional track on it's own here if you do not wish to download the whole thing again.

Cheers! Rich.

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