[Interviews / Themes]

Some themes that have come up more than once on TDATS, excluding the regional specials (which have their own heading above):

TDATS artist interviews (13):
Neil Merryweather (Vol68| Heat Exchange (Vol96)
Iron Claw interview with Jim Ronnie Jodo Interview with Rod Alexander
Castle Farm Interview with Steve Traveller
Cobra interview with Rob Vunderink (Vol111)
Roy Rutanen interview | Stonehouse interview with Jim Smith
Panda interview with Jaap van Eik (Vol119)
Universe interview with Steve Finn part 1
Gun / Three Man Army interview with Paul Gurvitz (Vol125)
Blue Planet interview with Art Bausch (Vol127)
Fort Mudge Memorial Dump interview with guitarist  Dan Keady
Artist career specials.
Duo Kribo (Vol98| Cozy Powell (drummer) (Vol102| Conny Plank tribute (Vol116)
Gun / Three Man Army interview with Paul Gurvitz (Vol125)  | Blackhorse feature
Dieter Dierks in the seventies pt1 (Vol135)
Doomy sounds (12): Vol62, Vol95 and all 10 of LibertyCap's comps.
Psych (1) Psych Tentacles Vol27  |  Punk and Proto-punk (1) Vol42
Dubious History (1) Vol50  |  Southern Rock (2) Vol65 & Vol112
NWOBHM and Heavy Metal-inspired (3) Vol67 , Vol121 and Vol126
Mellow prog instrumentals (1) Vol69
Singles (1) Vol70  |  Space Rock (1) Vol87
Labels (1) Deram Vol74
AOR (1) Forced Landing (US bands) Vol91
Chicano Rock (1) Vol118
Covers (2) Going Down Vol105  and Get Out Of My Life Woman Vol138 |  Funk (1) Vol52
Movies (2) Bands appearing in Vol100, Biker flicks Vol109
All female vocals and bands (5): Vol17, Vol49, Vol71Vol97 and Vol129.
Blues (4): Vol54 - Vol79 - Vol105 and Vol108
Roadburn festival specials (3): Vol63, Vol64 and Vol86
Heavy horn rock specials (2): Vol60 and Vol93
Other Instruments (4): Hammond Organ Vol73 | Flute Vol78 | Violin Vol99 | Slide Guitar Vol133
Interview specials with fellow rock archaeologists (5):
Vol85 Ra'anan Chelled, Demons, Fairies & Wailing Guitars: 100 Obscure Rock Acts '68-'76.
Vol94 Klemen Breznikar, It's Psychedelic Baby webzine.
Vol110 Mik Kay, Heavypsychman blog.
Vol114 Wolf of World in Sound rarity label
Vol115: Scott Blackerby (Badcat Records comp & interview)
The Electric Lounge of Aural Ecstasy tributes to TDATS: Part 1 | Part 2 | Flutes | 1975

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