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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Day After The Sabbath 118: La Fuente del Ritmo [Latin and Chicano rock in the US]

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TDATS 118: La Fuente del Ritmo by Rich Aftersabbath on Mixcloud
TDATS 118 is a collection of tracks from bands who made albums in the US, all including members who had relocated from Latin America. The biggest influence on this Latin rock trend was undoubtedly Carlos Santana! Indeed, Malo included the guitar talents of Carlos's brother, Jorge Santana.

The better-known artists here are Chango, Malo, Tierra and El Chicano, all referred to at times as "Chicano Rock". Other bands here don't fall under that convenient label, because the term Chicano specifically means Mexican-American. Chango offer some of the best cuts here, with 'Woman in Black' standing out as the closest to heavy metal. What makes all the tracks here a refreshing alternative to the usual heavy psych and rock of the times is the Latin influence, the lead guitar styles and the percussion, often with a horn section which complements the sound rather than softening it. The track from Amazonas is from the school of infamous budget / exploitation producer Leo Muller (real name David Leonard Miller) who's labels would employ studio musicians to sell popular sounds of the time to lesser-discerning music buyers. In the case of the Amazonas LP some great original music resulted.

While remaining true to the aftersabbath ethos of heavy groove and rocking-ness, this comp brings together a great collection of salsa-flavoured, funky, jazzy, brassy rock. A light-hearted and enjoyable mix just in time for the summer! If you like this one, you may want to check out my other Latin-flavoured comps; 104 (Peru), 84 (Brazil), 89 (Mexico) and 43 (general South America).  I love the good vibes of the rock from these places so there will be more....Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and others to come...

01. Strange Brew - Intro (1969)
       from album 'A Very Strange Brew'
       A California-based band, some members of which were in Yaqui (see later)
02. Malo - Peace [single version] (1972)
       from album 'Malo'
       Including Carlos Santana's brother Jorge, this album reached no. 12 in the US charts.
03. Sincerely Antique - Chaucha (1973)
       from album 'Sincerely Antique'
       Based in Miami.
04. Broth - I'm a King (1970)
       from album 'Broth'
       A band of Cubans and Puerto Ricans who made an album in New York.
05. Amazonas - Amazona (1973)
       from album 'Play Santana'
       Exploitation studio band, recorded some Santana covers, but this one is an original.
06. Abel - Searchin' For The Light (1971)
       from album 'Please World'
       Based in San Francisco. Lead by Abel Sanchez (guitar, bass, vocals). The sound quality of
       this is lacking, if you have a better rip let me know!
07. Toro - Small Folk Reservation (1975)
       from album 'Toro'
       A New York-based band, guitarist Steve Napoleoni Monge previously worked with Harvey        Averne.
08. El Chicano - Chicano Chant (1971)
       from album 'Revolución'
       One of the more prolific Chicano rock bands, based in L.A.
09. Chango - Caminando (1975)
       from album 'Chango'
       One of the more appreciated Santana-esque bands. Liner notes explain the god
       'Chango' is "the representative of unbridled sexuality".
10. Tierra - Tierra (1973)
       from album 'Tierra'
       L.A.'s Tierra supported Santana in the late '70s.
11. Macondo - Battery (1972)
       from album 'Macondo'
       From East L.A. and discovered by Sergio Mendes. Again sound quality could be better, if
       you have a better rip drop me a line.
12. Banda de Jesus - Livin' Is Funky (1972)
       from album 'Naked Lunch'
       This band came out of 'Naked Lunch', who also contributed members to Malo. This is              available as a bonus track on the 'Naked Lunch' CD from World In Sound records.
13. Yaqui - I Need A Woman (1973)
       from album 'Yaqui'
       East L.A. band on Hugh Hefner's Playboy label.
14. The Harvey Averne Barrio Band - Cucaraca Macara (1971)
       from album 'The Harvey Averne Barrio Band'
       Jewish-American New Yorker who was a name in the Latin scene. (link) Notice similarity
       to Toro's Small Folk Reservation...
15. Chango - Woman In Black (1976)
        from album 'Honey Is Sweeter Than Blood'
        For their second and final album, Chango used less Salsa, and more ROCK!!

Thanks for listening! Rich
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