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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Day After The Sabbath 37: Fellas Buona [Italy pt.1]

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TDATS Volume 37 Features Italian bands. Italy took a liking to English prog rock early in the 70s, at the time some UK bands such as Van der Graaf Generator and Gentle Giant became better-known to the Italian public than the English. Hard Rock was never as well represented as symphonic prog, which is the sound that Italy made it's own. On this comp I have searched for heavier rock as much as I can, and some classic symphonic prog has made it in.

01. Tritons - Drifter (1973)
02. Ibis - L'Amico Della Porta Accanto (1973)
03. Moby Dick - Two timing girl (1970)
04. Osanna - Animale Senza Respiro [edit] (1972)
05. New Trolls - C'è Troppa Guerra (1972)
06. Le Orme - Ritorno Al Nulla (1973)
07. Il Rovescio Della Medaglia - La Creazione (1971)
08. Biglietto Per L'inferno - Confessione (1974)
09. Osage Tribe - Arrow Head (1971)
10. Raminghi - La Nostra Verita (1971)
11. Crystals - Wrought Iron / Sad Story (1974)

The opening Tritons track is a B-side of a strange Stones' 'Satisfaction' cover. Ibis is the heavier reincarnation of New Trolls, who formed in 1967. Both of these bands have great tracks on here. The fourth track is taken from Osanna's 2nd album, which made a great departure from their first and plays as one long concept piece, which I have taken an edit from. Le Orme were a long-running prog band that played with such bands as the aforementioned Van der Graaf Generator, their track here is a welcome half-time piece of spooky electronica which reminds me a lot of Goblin's soundtrack work, an Italian band which I included on volume 30. Il Rovescio Della Medaglia's song "La Creazione", is taken from LP "La Bibbia", which is their concept work based on the early parts of the Bible.

 Biglietto per Inferno's name literally means 'ticket to hell', it perfectly mixes symphonic prog interludes with hard rock verses. Osage Tribe offer up some excellent technically-played hard prog and Crystals is a band I have used once before. I really wanted to use them again as they have some great Zeppish tracks on their one-off s/t album, and they end the compilation on the lugubrious 'Sad Story'.

* The cover art for this is theatrical masks of tragedy and comedy in refined Roman mosaic, found at the Villa Adriana in Tivoli, Italy.


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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After The Sabbath V compilation

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Part 5 of my compilation series, selected tracks from some of my favourite 70s heavy obscure bands. Charlee starts the show with their excellent riffing, Nahuatl from Mexico offer up some latin sabbathism and Writing on the Wall throw in a mind fuck of a bad trip which is incredibly heavy for 1969. Asterix were the original incarnation of Lucifer's Friend!

01 - Charlee - Wheel Of Fortune Turning - 1972
02 - Stone Garden - Oceans Inside Of Me - 1969
03 - Ainigma - Prejudice - 1973
04 - Asterix - Gone From My Life - 1971
05 - Randy California - Downer - 1972
06 - Tiger B. Smith - Tiger Rock - 1972
07 - Náhuatl - Evolucion - 1974
08 - Parish Hall - My Eyes Are Getting Heavy - 1970
09 - Crystals - Time Out - 1974
10 - Stray - Taken All The Goog Things - 1970
11 - Mammut - Mammut Ecstasy - 1971
12 - Glory - Cantaloupe Moon - 1970
13 - Jeronimo - Silence Of The Night - 1971
14 - Orang-Utan - Chocolate Piano - 1971
15 - Orange Wedge - No One Left But Me - 1974
16 - Writing On The Wall - Aries - 1969

Thanks for listening! Rich.

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