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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Day After The Sabbath 39: Bandera Inmortal [Spain pt.1]

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password:  tdats
TDATS 39 is a collection of music from Spain. [EDIT since this was made, a second Spanish volume is now here: see Vol 123]

After the Spanish Civil War, during the fifty-year dictatorship of Franco, everything pertaining to regional culture was banned. Languages, literature, and music were burned and berated. Musicians before 1975 suffered many difficulties as a result. The kind of material I generally look for was especially rare in the early 70's, just at the time when most of the world was enjoying it's peaks.

Firstly I must thank Mara at for some excellent recommendations that have really helped this volume. It starts with Tapiman who, along with The Storm, Lone Star and Leño, were among the more professional sounding bands to draw influence from big, brash hard rock names like Zeppelin and Purple. Lone Star's track is taken from a period TV appearance so apologies for the sound but the enthusiastic performance makes up for it. Agamenon and Cerebrum offer great slabs of growling psych while Union Pacific, Tarántula, Lisker and Ñu offer driving hard prog. Ciclón and Época are both rare examples of unfortunately short-lived bands that counted Sabbath as influences and only had a few single releases. Evolution were a band established in the 60's who cottoned on to the progressions at the turn of the decade and began recording some reverential covers like this King Crimson track. Eduardo Bort offers an unusual mix of spacey folk with bouts of Hendrix-style guitar and is only now gathering respect as one of Spain's most unique acts. The comp ends on a departure from the heaviness with Triana, renowned as the country's premiere exponent of the 'flamenco prog' sound.

01. Tapiman - No Control (1971)
02. Agamenon - Todos Rien De Mi (1975)
03. Union Pacific - A Tu Marcha (1978)
04. Época - No Estoy Bien (1971)
05. Tarántula - Es Demasiado (1978)
06. The Storm - Experiencia sin Organo (1974)
07. Cerebrum - Time's Door (1970)
08. Eduardo Bort - Thoughts 'Pensamientos' [2 Parte] (1974)
09. Lisker - Kalean Festa (1979)
10. Ñu - Que Nadie Escape de la Evolución (1976)
11. Lone Star - Adelante [TV performance] (1974)
12. Evolution - 21st Century Schizoid Man [King Crimson cover] (1970)
13. Leño - Sodoma y Chabola (1979)
14. Ciclón - Mr. Mague (1978)
15. Triana - En El Lago (1975)

Música feliz!

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