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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Present - Elder Live on Valley Homegrown

Download MP3s from: [mf]
As you know, I don't usually post modern bands on here, and I am not about to start doing so regularly as this blog has a definite theme, but as it's Christmas i'm going to do something a little out of the norm. Boston, MA's Elder are one of my favourite current bands and they were kind enough to send me an exclusive video a while back of a TV performance they recorded live in 2010. So above is the video (the band starts at about the 02:50 mark) and here is the audio that I have ripped from it in 320k and made into a live EP: Elder MP3s

I think this recording really catches their psychedelic doom sound perfectly, the guitar/bass tones are gorgeous, the psychedelic interludes are mind-frying and the riffs are infectious.

01. Riddle Of Steel part 1
02. Hexe
03. White Walls
04. The End
05. Dead Roots Stirring

Thanks to Elder (pages: facebook, bandcamp, LastFM) and thanks again to everyone who listens here!
Merry Christmas, Rich.

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