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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Day After The Sabbath 103: A Mad Man Roams Tonight

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password:  tdats
Many of the great bands I have used before had talented individual members who went out there and made albums of their own. In a few examples here, these guys had busy careers that are as interesting and notable as the respected bands they played in. For example, Wynder K. Frog (Mick Weaver) made albums before working with the bands that had success, which in his case included the Keef Hartley Band and Juicy Lucy. This takes you into the interesting world of session musicians and those who were talented and in-demand.

On the other hand, some of the artists here are not known to have had prolific careers outside of their main band, but for one reason or another had the rare opportunity to helm a solo record.

Researching this subject has revealed a bunch of great music, and in this selection I have chosen tracks that range from 1970 to 1975, covering hard rock, southern rock, jazz-rock, blues and prog.

01. Peter Tilbrook of The Masters Apprentices
       A Mad Man Roams Tonight - Single (1971)
02. Mike Harrison of Art and Spooky Tooth
       Maverick Woman Blues - from album "Rainbow Rider" (1975)
03. Mick Abrahams of Jethro Tull, Blodwyn Pig & Screaming Lord Sutch
       Awake - from album "Mick Abrahams" (1971)
04. Peter Kaukonen of Hot Tuna & Jefferson Starship
       Up Or Down - from album "Black Kangaroo" (1972)
05. Wynder K. Frog of Keef Hartley Band & Juicy Lucy
       Howl In Wolf's Clothing - from album "Into The Fire" (1970)
06. Ray Fenwick of After Tea & Ian Gillan Band
       Stateside - from album "Keep America Beautiful, Get a Haircut" (1970)
07. Cliff Bennett of Toe Fat
       Movin' And Travelin' On - from album "Cliff Bennett's Rebellion" (1971)
08. Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep, The Gods, Toe Fat, Head Machine & Weed
       Stargazer - from album "Eager To Please" (1975)
09. Lee Pickens Group of Bloodrock
       Thumbs Up - from album "LPG" (1973)
10. Marz of JeronimoAtlantis
       Lord Have Mercy - from album "The Dream Is Over" (1972)

Peter Tilbrook was in Adelaide's The Masters Apprentices (vol 21) from '67 to '68, playing guitar and bass. He was in earlier bands, and has had a solo career since, which you can read about here. He has since appeared at Masters' reunions too. His single from 1971, "A Mad Man Roams Tonight", is a fun track that gives this comp its name. I got this info from Peter himself:

The band [for this single] was quite a well-known line up.
Steve Hopgood [Masters Apprentices drummer]
John Bywaters [The Twilights bass player] who I am in a band with today - THE TWILIGHT ZONE
Tony fahse [Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons] as second guitarist
Peter Tilbrook  [Masters Apprentices] on vocals and guitar

Mike Harrison was formative keyboardist/vocalist of Spooky Tooth. He made three solo albums which did not carry on in the vein of Spooky Tooth's heavier stuff, but the track Maverick Woman Blues from his 3rd album Rainbow Rider certainly did! It is a cover of the excellent band Moloch, who first appeard in TDATS in Vol54.

Mick Abrahams was guitarist/vocalist in bands such as Jethro Tull and Blodwyn Pig. "Awake" is taken from his 1971 album "Mick Abrahams". He made more albums with the "Mick Abrahams Band" and in 1975 he made an instructional LP "Have Fun Learning" The Guitar With Mick Abrahams...One of Britain's top rock band and session guitarists.

Peter Kaukonen is the younger brother of guitarist/bassist and vocalist of Hot Tuna & Jefferson Starship; Jorma Kaukonen. Although he was not a full time member of those bands like his brother, he did play with both of them on occasion.  He made a solo album in 1972 called "Black Kangaroo". It's chock full of his great Hendrixian guitar playing.

Wynder K. Frog was the band of Mick Weaver, a keyboard player who later worked with Keef Hartley Band (Vol 74) & Juicy Lucy (Vol 100). To this day he has also worked with Miller Anderson (Vol 74), Janis Joplin and Dave Gilmour to name a few.

Ray Fenwick was an English session guitarist who played in many bands, including After Tea (Vol 63), Ian Gillan Band and the Tee-Set. His sole album from 1970 was called "Keep America Beautiful, Get a Haircut" and the track 'Stateside' is a long piece of great rock-opera.

Cliff Bennett was guitarist/vocalist in Toe Fat (Vol 16) as was Ken Hensley (following) also in Toe Fat. He helmed Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers in the early sixties, the Cliff Bennett Band in 1968 and Cliff Bennett's Rebellion in 1971, on which I found "Movin' and Travelin' On".

Ken Hensley was a keyboard player who was quite prolific, playing in bands such as Uriah Heep, The Gods, Toe Fat, Head Machine, Weed, Blackfoot and The Hensley Lawton Band. He made two good solo albums in the '70s; Proud Words on a Dusty Shelf (1973) and Eager to Please (1975). "Stargazer" is taken from Eager To Please.

Lee Pickens was formative guitarist in Bloodrock (see vols 1 and 30), he made one southern rock-infused album in 1973 called "LPG".

Finally, we have Marz. He was Rainer Marz of German bands Jeronimo (Vol 5) and Atlantis. He made one LP entitled 'Marz' in 1972.

Thanks for listening! 

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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Day After The Sabbath 66: Music's Gotta Stay

Download here: [mf] or [mg]
Unzip password:  tdats
TDATS 66 (on the 6th...) is a good old un-themed selection of the best stuff I have come across recently. As it turns out, all from the classic years 1969 to 1975 and all US or UK artists.

We kick off with Texas's doomy Seompi who's collected tapes were retrospectively released in 1999 by the Gear Fab label, and then on vinyl by Akarma. Missouri's Joe Pritchard pressed only 300 copies of his album in 1974, which has since been re-issued by Radioactive. It's a real curio this one, each track has its own individual flavour and sound, from 12-bar blues to folk to Jazz and then up-beat rockers like "Reason To Be". Archibald was Scottish artist Archie Legget, he recorded in France where he made two great glam-stomping singles. Horse were a very short-lived act that produced one great hard rock album in 1970, they featured members of such excellent bands as Andromeda (guitarist Rod Roach), Atomic Rooster (drummer Ric Parnell) and Saturnalia (Rod Roach and vocalist Adrian Hawkins).

Bluefield, West Virginia's Sweet Toothe made one private-pressing in 1975 called 'Testing'. It has some excellent fuzzy hard rock and there's a very informative review here. San Franciscan Peter Kaukonen is the brother of Jorma Kaukonen, guitarist for various acts such as Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin and Hot Tuna. Peter himself was bassist in Jefferson Starship in 1974, and in 1972 he made a solo album called Black Kangaroo which this fine Hendrixian cut, 'Dynamo Snackbar' is taken from.

Long Island NY's The Illusion were a jouneyman heavy psych band who made some good stuff across three albums between 1969 and 1970 but achieved little noteriety for their efforts. The sound was equal parts psych and proto-hard rock and 'Did You See Her Eyes?' shows the transition well. After Splitting, members went to various acts such as Network, Wiggy Bits, Barnaby Bye and Aviator. Youngstown Ohio's Joy made a single album called 'Thunderfoot' in 1972 that had some good southern-style hard rock, embellished with a few prog turns that raise it above the standard fair, good vocalist too, although 'Hasufel' is an instrumental. Expect to hear some more from this album later...

Brooklyn's Majic Ship offer us some fine blusey fuzz from their rare s/t 1969 album and the UK's Hackensack are up next, they featured guitarist Ray Majors who was in a few other notable bands including "Mott" (post-Hoople), and Opal Butterfly (along with a very young Lemmy). They also had singer Nicky Moore who went on to Tiger, then Samson, to replace Bruce Dickinson after he left for Iron Maiden. Oregon's Stepson come in next with 'Suffer', I really like the slow-grinding heaviness of this, and it picks up for a wicked funky bridge too. There is a great Stepson interview here at Psychedelic Baby webzine. Florida's Tin House had two great guitarists, as you can tell from the cool harmonies in 'Silver Star'. One of them, the excellently-named Floyd Radford, also played on the 1971 'Edgar Winter's White Trash' album along with Rick Derringer. There is a interview with Tin House drummer Mike Logan here at Psychedelic Bay webzine.

This instalment ends on two singles from bands that I have found little info on so far, though I think they are both British. Hunter (formed 'of D. Hunter' & 'J. Spear') made a fun brass-reinforced single in 1970 and Taiconderoga's track is especially excellent, that stabbing fuzz guitar is unforgettable and hints at great un-tapped potential...

Track List:

01. Seompi - Almost in the Whole (1970)
       from album 'AWOL'
02. Joe Prichard & Gibraltar - Reason To Be (1974)
       from album 'Joe Prichard & Gibraltar'
03. Archibald - Passing Thoughts (1969)
04. Horse - See The People Creeping Round (1970)
       from album 'horse'
05. Sweet Toothe - Music's Gotta Stay (1975)
       from album 'testing'
06. Peter Kaukonen - Dynamo Snackbar (1972)
       from album 'black kangaroo'
07. The Illusion - Did You See Her Eyes? (1969)
       from album 'the illusion'
08. Joy - Hasufel (1972)
       from album 'thunderfoot'
09. Majic Ship - Too Much (1969)
       from album 'majic ship'
10. Hackensack - River Boat (1974)
       from album 'up the hard way'
11. Stepson - Suffer (1974)
       from album 'stepson'
12. Tin House - Silver Star (1971)
       from album 'tin house'
13. Hunter - Some Time For Thinking (1970)
14. Taiconderoga - Speakin' My Mind (1969)

Thanks for listening! Rich

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