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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Day After The Sabbath 35: Windmolen Van Doom [Netherlands pt.1]

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The Day After The Sabbath 35: Windmolen Van Doom [Netherlands pt.1] by Rich Aftersabbath on Mixcloud
Happy new year to you all! Volume 35 features artists of Dutch heritage. Karel Appel supplies us with a spooky intro, he was a Dutch abstract-expressionist painter who used a battery of percussion instruments, piano and electric organ for a soundtrack to a 1963 documentary about himself, by cinematographer Jan Vrijman. De Maskers are up next, they released a few albums and singles in the late '60s, guitarist/vocalist Jan de Hont was in Cargo, also appearing here. They play a brilliant slice of ominous psych. The Bag track is the A/B sides of a single from 1971, two pieces of awesome doomy psych that makes me wish I could hear more but they were alas album-less.

Blue Planet offer up a driving and melodic track that has some catchy song writing, leading me to think they could have been quite a hit. Cargo are up next as one of the heavier entries here and Shocking Blue are one of the few bands with a female vocalist to appear in my comps, they offer some tight hard-edged pop-psych with strong vox from Mariska Veres (R.I.P.).  Group 1850 started life in 1964 as the amusingly-monikered "Klits" and have an anti-war protest song, named in reaction to The Beatles' 'Let It Be'. Focus are one of the more well-known I have used so far. A re-release of "Hocus Pocus", due to a Nike 2010 world-cup commercial, led to the song entering the British Charts at #57. Cosmic Dealer appears next and there is an interview with Adrian Vos, Angelo Santoro, and Jan Reynders from the band here at Psychedelic Baby webzine. We end up with Pugh's Place and the second reference to The Beatles, namely their excellent heavy '71 cover of "Drive My Car".

01. Karel Appel - Musique Barbare (1963)
02. De Maskers - Death (1968)
03. Bag - Nothing Will Remain / Tripdream (1971)
04. Blue Planet - Nothing In The World (1970)
05. Cargo - Run Away [Bonus] (1970)
06. Shocking Blue - Long and Lonesome Road (1969)
07. Brainbox - Virgin / Doomsday Train (1972)
08. Group 1850 - Don't Let It Be (1970)
09. Focus - Hocus Pocus (1972)
10. Cosmic Dealer - Child Of The Golden Sun [Single Mix] (1971)
11. Crying Wood - Blue Eyed Witch (1970)
12. Phoenix - Ode To Jimi Hendrix (1971)
13. Pugh's Place - Drive My Car (1971)

Thanks again for listening.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Day After The Sabbath 17: Evil Woman

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This special volume features music with female vocals, making for a varied collection that was a lot of fun to compile. Track 1 'Pieces of Me' features Linda Hoyle, the singer from the Vertigo-signed Affinity. Track 2 is from The Runaways, where Joan Jett's career started and track 3 is a nice slab of stonery groove from Australia's Mcphee. Room's 'War' reminds me favourably in form and theme of 'War Pigs'. Arktis are  regarded as part of the Kraut Rock movement while Aguaturbia, Brainticket and Fifty Foot Hose all offer up some excellent heavy psych, track 11 is a Dutch pop/rock band who are noted for their single hit, the much-covered 'Venus'. The Savage Rose finish up with the atmospheric doomy 'A Trial In Our Native Town'.

01. Linda Hoyle - Pieces Of Me - 1971
02. The Runaways - Is It Day Or Night - 1976
03. McPhee - The Wrong Time - 1970
04. Room - War - 1970
05. Aguaturbia - E.V.O.L. - 1970
06. Brainticket - Like A Place In The Sun - 1972
07. Arktis - Student's Idyll - 1975
08. Fifty Foot Hose - Red The Sign Post - 1967
09. Carmen Maki & Blues Creation - Motherless Child - 1970
10. Fantasy - Understand - 1970
11. Shocking Blue - Send Me A Postcard - 1970
12. Galaxy - Galaxy - 1976
13. The Savage Rose - A Trial In Our Native Town - 1969

Cheers, Rich

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