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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After The Sabbath 58: All Thy Sons Command [Canada pt.2]

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TDATS 58 is my second collection of Canadian tracks. I was sure I had exhausted the possibilities on my first Canadian collection, [EDIT: there is now also a third: Vol92] but with some help from various online cohorts and some more extensive searches I have come up with another winner!

We kick off with what I consider one of the best tracks I have ever found, at any time. Toronto's "The Churls" made a couple of albums in 68 and 69 and this track is just about as good as heavy psych can be, but it's also a progressive rock pre-cursor with it's excellent production and considered structure that builds up layers of intensity. Vancouver's Trooper are up next, they created a fair few albums of melodic pop-rock to varying success in the late 70s and to be honest, were not that great but I do dig "In Trouble Again" a lot, just fun, heavy driving rock, the kind that you wanna play on the highway. Montreal's Offenbach are impossible to describe, they were all over the rock spectrum, singing in French and English. What ever they turned their hand to was done well, be it hard rock riffing of "High But... Low" or the Hammond organ atmospherics of "Mourir d'Amour", both tracks are on here.

The next track from Montreal's Sex was a contentious inclusion, I'd obviously rather have not used a song with these plainly ludicrous lyrics, but musically it's the most rockin, Sabbathist track on their debut s/t album, so make of it what you will. Next is Winnipeg's 'Next...', an obscure one-shot band which was a pleasure to find, not particularly heavy but with a unique prog sound and great vocals. Toronto's It's All Meat made one great heavy psych album in 1970, the hammond and proto hard-rock riffs mix to perfection with the attitude-filled vocals, great stuff! Mashmakhan were a reasonably well known and successful pop/rock band, not normally ripe for TDATS inclusion but I do like this Deep Purplish track that's tucked away on the b-side of their 1972 single 'Dance a Little step'. This song has been responsible for holding up the release of this comp for a while, as I waited for a better quality rip, but alas I don't think there is, so here is the best one I can find, please let me know otherwise though!

I used Hamilton's Simply Saucer once before on my proto-punk comp. It's hard to believe this material is from 1975, they certainly created a swirling mix of punky aggression, along with a fair amount of Krautrock abstraction. Montreal's Emerald City offer us some extremely fine Hendrixian guitar from their sole 1976 album "Waiting for the Dawn" and after that is my first inclusion of a rather better-known Canadian band, April Wine. This is a fairly commercial track from one of their mid-70s albums; "Stand Back", excellent track though. Toronto's Luke & The Apostles recorded a few great heavy psych singles and band members went on to form other notable Canadian bands such as McKenna Mendelson Mainline, Kensington Market and The Modern Rock Quartet (The MRQ). We finish up with Toronto's Max Webster, who almost made it in to the first Canadian comp, I have since found some more from them and I dig the quirky sounds on the debut self-titled from 1976.

Track List:

01. The Churls - Time Piece (1968)
02. Trooper - In Trouble Again (1975)
03. Offenbach - High But... Low / Mourir d'Amour (1972)
04. Sex - I Had To Rape Her (1970)
05. Next - Strange Mood (1971)
06. It's All Meat - Roll My Own (1970)
07. Mashmakhan - One Night Stand (1972)
08. Simply Saucer - Electro Rock (1975)
09. Emerald City - Little Red (1976)
10. April Wine - Victim For Your Love (1975)
11. Luke & The Apostles - Been Burnt (1967)
12. Max Webster - Hangover (1976)

Thanks for listening! Rich

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Day After The Sabbath 42: Nazi Apocalypse [Punk pt.1]

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The idea of TDATS 42 was to find tracks that have punk rock attitude, but also fit in with the proto-heavy sounds of my other compilations. It's a varied mix of acts. Some are retrospectively regarded as proto-punk (Simply Saucer, Rocket from the Tombs and Death) and some sound to me like they have the spirit of punk, be they obscure singles, odd-tracks out from albums that are otherwise not overtly punk (like Pau Riba and My Solid Ground) or tracks from 70's heavy albums that happen to be the fastest or most attitude-filled.

Gedo, a Japanese band I have used once before on the Japanese vol 36, kick things off with a track from their '74 debut which conveys the energy of their live shows.

Third World War could be regarded as one of the very first UK punk bands, having leftist political themes with a working-class sneer, preaching violence in 1971.

Third World War
There are a number of 60's garage psych bands that are compared with early punk, this track from Outcasts is one of the rawest and fastest I have found. 'The Up' was a band that developed in the same Detroit scene as The MC5 but missed out on the fame. Deciding instead to disappear into a world of drug-fuelled White Panther anarchy. Kalemaris hailed from Denmark, by dint of their teenage years and lack of musical proficiency they played fast and aggressive.

Death were an all afro-american band I have used once before, the recent unearthing of their 1974 recordings has revealed extraordinarily forward-thinking rock that was akin to hardcore punk. They never released an album but a retrospective collection "...For The Whole World To See" was released by Drag City in 2009. I found Pau Riba while researching the Spanish vol 39 and was immediately struck by this crazy track.

Sound of Imker
Obscure Brazillians 'Bango' recorded one unusual album in 1970, and this question was once posed to the Dead Kennedy's Jello Biafra: "In (the) book, American Hardcore, they hint that 'The Middle Class' record was possibly the first hardcore record ever. What do you think was the first hardcore punk record?".

Jello replied: "Either The Middle Class or Sound of Imker Train of Doomsday single in the late '60s in Holland. The only true '60s hardcore record I know."

Pink Fairies
The Pink Fairies' history is intertwined with that of a certain band who's name combines a bird of prey and a meteorological phenomenon concerning the atmospheric circulation of air, sharing the same do-it-yourself punk ethic. They played a number of  'alternative' shows together, infamously so at the 'Canvas City' mini-fest that they assembled near the (by that point dangerously huge) UK Isle of Wight festival in 1970. While the increasingly disillusioned hippie culture got nailed to the spot stoned with Hendrix and The Doors on the big stage, the new breed of amphetamine-fuelled anarchist space rockers was heading for other planets.

Coloured Balls
Coloured Balls were heros of 'Sharpie Rock', a yobbo scene and fashion that began in late 60's Australia, similar to but pre-dating Punk rockers by a few years. They included talented guitarist and aussie underground rock legend Lobby Loyde who was previously in Billy Thorpe's band The Aztecs.

Finally, Dust is probably a band known to many of you, they were an early job for drummer Marc Bell who went on to fame as Marky of The Ramones.


01. Gedo (Japan) - Scent (1974)
       from album 'gedo'
02. Third World War (UK) - Preaching Violence (1971)
       from album 'third world war'
03. Outcasts (US) - 1523 Blair (1967)
04. My Solid Ground (Germany) - That's You (1971)
       from album 'my solid ground'
05. Death (US) - Politicians In My Eyes (1974)
       from retrospective '...for the whole world to see'
06. Bango (Brazil) - Rock Dream (1970)
       from album 'bango'
07. Sound Of Imker (Holland) - Train Of Doomsday (1969)
08. Pau Riba (Spain) - Brian A Clown (1975)
       from album 'electroccid  àccid alquimístic xoc'
09. Kalemaris (Denmark) - Staldfræseren (1974)
       from album 'staldfraes'
10. Simply Saucer (Canada) - Nazi Apocalypse (1974)
       from retrospective 'cyborgs revisited'
11. Pink Fairies (UK) - The Snake (1971)
12. The Up (US) - Together (1971)
       from retrospective 'killer up! 1969 - 1972'
13. Rocket from the Tombs (US) - 30 Seconds Over Tokyo [edit]
       from retrospective 'the day the earth met the rocket from the tombs'
14. Crushed Butler (UK) - My Son's Alive (1969)
       from retrospective 'uncrushed'
15. Figures of Light (US) - It's Lame (1972)
16. Coloured Balls (Australia) - Heavy Metal Kid (1974)
       from album 'heavy metal kid'
17. Dust (US) - Learning To Die (1972)
       from album 'hard attack'

Cheers, Rich.

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